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This Local Jewelry Line Is All About Showcasing Imperfections

The rebel of jewelries.
This Local Jewelry Line Is All About Showcasing Imperfections
The rebel of jewelries.

Local brand Elementari is not your usual jewelry line. Instead of creating perfectly-crafted accessories, they're embracing imperfections and making them shine. They aim to break the mold and focus on what makes each piece unique. It doesn't follow the norm of what's usually considered trendy; instead, it creates something that is authentically its own.

Read below as we chat with Kat Reyes, who designs the collections for Elementari, as she shares with us her unique inspirations.

Tell us a little bit about your collection. What's the reason behind the brand name?

ELEMENTARI is a nod to the simple, raw design aesthetic, and the play [on] different materials or elements, like gold, silver, crystals, and pearls.


Where did you draw inspiration from for the designs?

They're heavily influenced by natural forms—our bodies, the environment, even outer space! But also, equally, by architecture and man-made designs. I find the mix of opposing ideas interesting. I think the imperfectly shaped, liquid metal look has become a signature feature across different product categories.

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Where can people buy it?

Handmade jewelry is around P600-2000 and is made-to-order [through our] webshop, or through Instagram for custom pieces. There's also a "secret menu" on our Instagram highlights.

Will you have more designs soon?

Definitely! I often refresh the designs on the webshop depending on the availability of materials, and I sometimes pull out designs because I don't feel like making that form anymore, or there are too many options. The releases are spontaneous and almost never a full collection. I don't really follow the usual fashion retail calendar, just whenever I feel like I have a design concept that I want to translate into objects.

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