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5 New Colors to Try If You’re Not a Fan of Living Coral

You don't have to stick to one!
5 New Colors to Try If You’re Not a Fan of Living Coral
You don't have to stick to one!

If you are non-fans of Living Coral, Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, like a few creative thought leaders in the west or because you have to tried to incorporate the Living Coral unsuccessfully, you will be glad to know that there are other new colors you can experiment with this 2019.

Listed below are five of these colors, selected and named by the trend hunters (It’s a kind of job we like!) at London-based company WGSN and their sister company Coloro. All five of them are envisioned to be the dominant colors in fashion, beauty, and design by the year 2020.

But are we getting ahead of ourselves if we start wearing these colors right now? Not really, since fashion is essentially about getting ahead of the curve. But you know that already—and one of these has most likely trickled down to your closet.  


The bright and cheery Gen Z Yellow we know now will eventually morph into baked and earthy Mellow Yellow. It’s a retro shade we’ve seen more than once on photographer’s Shaira Luna’s feed and the pages of her recent tome Playing Long After Us. It is also one that we envision on knitwear, fine leather, and freshly-painted walls.


Bundling up in this warm shade seems like the most natural thing. Take your cue from model and stylist Aleali May.

Modern flower child Bianca Roose as photographed by Shaira Luna.


Mellow Yellow’s '70s vibe is homey, familiar, and #accidentallyWesAnderson.


A mutual cousin of Marsala and Millennial Pink, Cassis strikes the perfect balance between sweet and serious. When used the right way, it can also be fashionable (such as in wide-legged pants) or flattering (like statement lipstick or nail polish). Its berry tone also seems apt for business branding such as for fashion, beauty and even food.

Fantasy makeup finds an ally in Cassis. Imagine the shade as lipstick and nail polish, too.

This casual pick from menswear label Zegna fits right in with a Preview girl’s wardrobe.

Hungry yet? Cassis is the same color as a lot of the produce and candy we know and love.



This is what the color would blue look like if it shook off its perennial association to suits, uniforms, and all manner of classic dressing. Purist Blue is unlike navy, sapphire, porcelain, or Prussian; it is a tint so soft it melds with ocean water or the sky above it (but not in the same way Serenity did). It could be the dominant color on your beach wardrobe, your new apartment, or even the theme of your new yoga mat and Kleen Kanteen.

Brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna and Ocean Pacific have started using Purist Blue.

Harlan + Holden’s Rockwell Glasshouse is a good to place to visit if only to get into this emerging color trend.

This new blue is ready to hit the road.


Imagine dicing an actual cantaloupe and tossing it into a blender along with a generous amount of milk and seeing its color post-puree. Cantaloupe, the color, is a lot like Living Coral but easier on the eyes. How about you have a pantsuit made in that color or buy a modern crossbody like LongchampsMademoiselle or TOD’s Gommino in the same—or closest—shade?


Our favorite time to wear Cantaloupe? Magic hour!

Is this art or a makeup palette? We’re liking it either way.

Since Gucci has already gotten a head start, it makes sense that we all follow suit.


This shade of green associated with calm, optimism, technology is poised to be the fashion world’s next statement color. By 2020, WGSN projects Neo Mint to be in clothes, accessories and decor. How serendipitous is it that stylish women such as Heart Evangelista and Daryl Chang have already worn it at one point? Or that premier designer Inno Sotto displayed new ternos—his first presentation in years—at the last Bench Terno Con in shades of blush pink, Gen Z Yellow, and exactly this shade? Even the old guard agrees!

Right smack in the middle, a mint terno by Inno Sotto himself.

Adut Aketch walked down the Marc Jacobs runway in a minty, ruffled number.


Off-White is all about Neo Mint. Their stores around the world are painted such. It is also the dominant color in Instagram as seen in their profile photo and archived IG stories.