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Live Update: Scenes From The Alexander Wang X H&m Collection Launch

Stay tuned to this blow-by-blow account of what's going at the SM Mega Fashion Hall.
Live Update: Scenes From The Alexander Wang X H&m Collection Launch Stay tuned to this blow-by-blow account of what's going at the SM Mega Fashion Hall.

Updated, 12:55pm

Barely a month ago, H&M Philippines opened its doors to Manila with a launch so big it’s as if work stopped just so people could get in line. Today marks yet another big day for the brand with the global release of the collab collection with designer Alexander Wang. Of course, where else would we be than on the scene? Be sure to stay tuned as we give you up-to-the-minute updates with what’s happening at the SM Mega Fashion Hall. Read on and see what to expect if you’re planning to join in on the action.

PS: Check up on these tips if you’re planning to drop by to shop.

7:00 am- The early birds: Max, Eldz, and Fold. Max Adarmen has been in line since 7pm last night, while the two boys, Fold Canela and Eldz Mejia,  arrived two hours after, at 9pm. 

7:20am- A cooler of mineral and coconut water is available for free to quench the thirst of the Wang and H&M fanatics. 

7:30am- Each batch of 20 shoppers will be grouped into different colors. 

By 7:45am, the first batch of shoppers were already allowed to go inside the mall. 

7:50am- The lucky batch who will get first dibs on the goods were given the red wrist band.

8:00am - The kids came prepared. Each batch will only be given 10 minutes to shop so they've already picked out the ones they want online

8:05am- Spotted: Pia Magalona in line chatting with H&M's Nikki Verzo

8:10am- The lucky trio already received their early bird prizes. 

8:12am- The shopping bags as well as the staff are ready for the shopping chaos about to take place. 

8:15am- The shopping has begun!

8:17am- Shopper, Renee Mchugh, is all smiles even under time pressure. 

8:20am- One of the first three sorting out his finds. 


8:25am- And the first batch of happy campers are done! 

8:40am- Now that's a lot of shopping bags!

9:57am- Breakfast is served to the happy shoppers.

NOTE: Waiting in line need not be a hassle, just as long as you have your band then you're free to go and come back when it's your time to enter the section.

10:13am- The next batch of shoppers patiently wait for their turn as the items are replenished.

10:19am- This just in! According to our insiders, the leather backpack, the sunglasses, and the Wang sweater in both colors are selling like hot cakes! Head over to SM Megamall now before these goodies run out.

10:25am- Spotted: Preview fashion director Daryl Chang shopping her heart out and scouring the racks.

10:35am- Last two batches of shoppers to get first dibs on the Alexander Wang X H&M collection. 

10:39am- Looks like Daryl and Andre Chang were able to maximize their 10 minutes. Those are a lot of shopping bags!

NOTE: At 12:00nn, the store will allow shoppers to come in freely. No more color codes and time limits! (edited at 11:35am: Time was changed from 11:30am to 12nn)

11:00am- Spotted: Phoemela Baranda taking home one big shopping bag after scouring the Alexander Wang X H&M collection. 

11:05am- Who wants to take home these babies?

NOTE: The Alexander Wang X H&M collection will be available at SM Mega Fashion Hall until supplies last.

UPDATE: As of 11:30am, total count of shoppers has reached 345. H&M decided to add a few more batches due to the high demand and more people coming in. At 12:00nn, the store will allow the shoppers to come in freely without color coding and alloted shopping time.

11:37am- Spotted: Celebrity couple Divine Lee and Victor Basa shopping together for Wang X H&M pieces.


12:10pm- Look, our Style Bible girl Bea Jocom also got a cropped top and a sweater dress for herself!

12:12pm- We had a quick chat with one of the shoppers, Katrina Swee. She waited for 10 minutes before being let in, and now she plans to get all the cropped tops that she can fit in.

12:15pm- The last batch of shoppers are lined up waiting for their turn inside the Alexander Wang X H&M area. 

12:50pm- We told you these babies would sell like hotcakes, and they did. As of now, the stocks for Alexander Wang X H&M collection are officially all out. Grab whatever you can, because whatever's left on the racks, that's it!

12:56pm- Shoppers can now go straight inside the store and wait for their turn to shop the Alexander Wang X H&M collection. However, the alloted 10-minute shopping time still applies.