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We're Calling It: Linen Is the Fabric of Summer

It's the perfect way to stave off the heat.
We're Calling It: Linen Is the Fabric of Summer It's the perfect way to stave off the heat.

Ah, summer. That time of the year when we're licensed to wear sunnies 24/7, live in our sundresses, wear espadrilles, and double up on SPF. But with vacay season rolling around, humidity and sweat also come into play. So how does one combat the summer heat through fashion?

Pull up your Instagram feed and all the fashion girls are already showing your the answer: wear linen!


Linen is a fabric made from natural fibers of flax plants. While it's generally thicker than cotton, linen clothes need fewer thread count and are made of resistant flax fibers that are actually hollow. This makes the fabric great at absorbing moisture (like sweat) as the fibers soak up about one-fifth of their weight in water. It also allows quicker drying time with its cool, breathable, and airy fabric so you'll feel comfortable and well-ventilated in it all-day long.

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With linen's durability and relative stiffness, it lacks elasticity and is quite difficult to weave so it has a higher tendency in creasing. To deal with this, you have a few options to choose from.

1. Own it. Go for the worn in look and embrace the beauty of the creases. It will add to that je ne sais quoi vibe for an effortless summer.

2. Keep washing it. Linen softens and wrinkles less after each wash.

3. Spritz with water. If you've got no time, spray the wrinkled area with water and smooth down the creases with your hand.


Now, get on the trend now starting with these pieces:

Freira top, P1995, UNDO CLOTHING,


Salome skirt, P1499, NEON ISLAND,

Apron top, P2800,  ARAW THE LINE,

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