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Lineback To The Future

Shoulder pads are back? Learn how to wear 'em.
Lineback To The Future Shoulder pads are back? Learn how to wear 'em.

Shoulder pads were “in” in the '30s and '40s, “out” in the '50s to '70s, back in the '80s, “out” in the 90's and early new millennium, and they're back—in a gentle, non-over-the-top new way. From Lady Gaga to Louis Vuitton, the look of the eternal shudder is everywhere, and whether you were born in the eighties and are a Shoulder Pad Virgin or of a certain age and making a fashion U-turn, here are some tips to maximizing the look of today's fashion Maxi-pads :

1. Make sure to cinch your waist to avoid a boxy silhouette.

2. If you're short-necked, go for styles that extend the shoulders and avoid the ones that add height.

3. To soften the structured frame of a jacket with strong shoulders, pair with full skirts, draped skirts or a flimsy dress.

4. Hairstyle alert: It goes without saying you can do without anything that looks remotely '80s. If you have a long neck, any hairstyle will do. Short neck? A chin-length bob or ponytail shows off your neck best.

5. The only way to know if you are overdoing it is if you're uncomfortable with your outfit. If the pads overpower your frame, ditch them.

6. I'll tell it like it is: The short and stocky cannot wear this. There are other trends for you!

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