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Liam's Style In Seventeen Questions

Bench’s charmer from Down Under gives us his foolproof fashion formula.
Liam's Style In Seventeen Questions Bench’s charmer from Down Under gives us his foolproof fashion formula.

Good shoes, tattoos, and a lion in between—all in a day's work for Bench's hottest new frontman, Liam Hemsworth. Read on for the exclusive Style Bible one-on-one:


So how long does it take you to get ready?

Five to ten minutes, fifteen minutes—it depends. Pretty quick—I like to keep it pretty quick. Just throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt; pretty simple kinda style.


That’s our next question, actually. What are your go-to fashion pieces?

Let’s see… Uh, a comfy pair of shoes, a comfy pair of jeans, and a T-shirt… yeah. Yeah. I think jeans are the hardest thing, just finding jeans that fit really well. ’Cause they fit good for a week and sometimes they lose shape. 


What are the things you absolutely need when you travel?

As in for clothes? (“For any!”) Anything? A good pair of shoes. Shoes are probably the most important thing for me (laughs). I wear a lot of Vans.



Name three things that can be found in your pocket or bag at any random moment.

Phone, wallet, probably a scrunched-up receipt from somewhere (laughs).


You said you were a T-shirt-and-jeans kind of guy, but do you like dressing up?

Yeah, sometimes I obviously have a lot of things where I have to wear suits to, and I definitely didn’t grow up in world where suits were a necessity to different things, and it’s something that I kind of had to get used to. But it’s good fun every now and then to dress up.


So when you do, what style do you go for? Are you more for the dapper, tailored look, or…

As simple as… Less is more for me, I feel. If I get too fancy, I feel uncomfortable. Style, you know, creates your own identity, but I think you have to be comfortable in it. I don’t think there’s any point wearing things that you’re not comfortable in.

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How long does it take for you to shop for clothes and shoes?

(Exhales) Not long! You know the hardest thing to shop for I think is jeans, and once I find something that fits well I just get 20 pairs of that.  


Do you like experimenting with fashion?

Sometimes. I’m a pretty simple kinda guy; I tend not to get too crazy, otherwise I feel uncomfortable. But I think, yeah, just wearing things that you yourself feel confident in is most important.


How does Bench fit in with your personal style?

It’s good, their jeans fit really good—these are Bench (tugs at jeans), and this is Bench (tugs at shirt). It fits good—it’s casual, it’s simple, and it’s neat, which is kind of all the things I like to look for.


Sounds like the perfect fit. So how’d you feel when they first invited you to be an endorser?


I was really excited. I’ve heard of the brand before—a few people I’ve worked with in L.A. have mentioned it. But it’s great; the photo shoot that I got to do for it was great fun, ’cause I did half a day with a lion, which was fantastic.


Yeah, we saw that! Nice and rugged. Are you a beach or a mountains kind of guy?

I’d say beach; I grew up by the beach. But I love the mountains too. I love going snowboarding.


What was the biggest adjustment you had to go through after you moved to the States?

Living in a big city. I grew up on a very small town by the beach and living in L.A. was a bit of a culture shock at first, but over the years I’ve kind of adjusted a little bit more. (“So you moved directly from Australia to L.A.?”) Yeah, pretty much straight to L.A. And then I was there for about three months and then I’m also… I travel a lot in the U.S. working, obviously. So I’m not—I can get a little bit claustrophobic at times—so I try and travel as much as I can and get away from it sometimes.



Oh yeah, we’re curious: How do you reward yourself after a tough day?

Ahh, you know what, these days, it’s hard to get enough sleep. I like to… You know, when I can, I try and catch up on sleep. But It’s almost like sometimes I work so intensely for, three months, four months, and then I’ll have some time off and I’ll be so excited to sleep, but I’ll wake up at 4 in the morning just because I’m in that mindset and sleep is the hardest thing I find to catch up on these days!


How many tattoos do you have? Do you plan on getting more?

I’ve got a few. I’ve got, uh, different ones… (“Any stories behind ’em?”) They all kind of… I feel like a tattoo represents a significant part of your life, or a certain memory of something, or even something that motivates you to do something. But I think everyone’s view on tattoos is different and I think everyone does it for a different personal reason. I mean, for me it gives me a little bit more of my own identity, and also it’s just different memories in my life for each one.



Noted. Now for the million-dollar question: Boxers or briefs?

(Chuckles) Ahhh. Depends. I wear boxers to bed (laughs). And then probably briefs, if I’m wearing jeans.


Bench has a lot of good ones…

They do!


How do you stay fit? Do you practice yoga?

I grew up surfing—surfing was kinda one of my biggest things. But I do a lot of different stuff. I think just keeping active in general: I’ve gone hiking and running, and also do some sprints. And just getting out in the world and being active. You know, keep moving.


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