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Let's Talk About "street Style"

What is street style exactly and does the Philippines have a collective aesthetic to define it?
Let's Talk About "street Style" What is street style exactly and does the Philippines have a collective aesthetic to define it?

Recently my radar re-caught an article from BuzzFeed entitled “26 Fabulous Examples of Filipino Street-Style” where a variety of outfit photos by Filipinos, taken from personal blogs and Lookbook.Nu accounts were listed and commented on.

Scrolling down to the end of the article, mixed opinions were shared by readers expressing their thoughts on what they think “street style” really is. Here are some of the comments:



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Going back to an article I wrote earlier on fashion capitals and its collective style, street style takes its origin from the crowd that flocks to the venues of fashion weeks, dressed to put on a show and be photographed. But with the addition of photographers like Scott Schuman and Yvan Rodic who photograph people that they encounter on the streets even when it isn’t fashion week has somehow given us a new definition of “street style.”



To put it bluntly, street style – or style, rather – is very personal to each individual. The only real thing that makes it collective is the fact that these looks are taken from the streets as opposed to the runway or editorials. They’re simply outfits people wear on an everyday or occasional basis no matter how “grunged down” or “glammed up” they may appear with each look unique to its wearer. Regardless of where you’re going and what you’re doing, as long as it’s something you actually see on the street then the look makes it to the “street style” folder.

In my opinion, to define a certain area of the metro as the “real streets” is quite narrow-minded. Surely the aesthetics of the Ilaya and Juan Luna streets of Divisoria are different from those of the 5th and 30th avenues of Bonifacio Global City. We can even say that the streets in the South of the Metro look a lot different from those up North. But regardless of how these streets appear, they all still are very much real – with real people walking on the pavements dressed in whatever they decide to pull over their heads.


I’m not going to try and define what the look of “street style” in the Philippines is because the span of its variety spreads too wide to be consolidated by a standard look. Let’s all just remember that to each his own and that fashion should be fun.

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