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5 Layering Formulas That Don't Involve a Slip Dress

Let's shake things up a bit, shall we?
5 Layering Formulas That Don't Involve a Slip Dress
Let's shake things up a bit, shall we?

To no one's surprise, the relative ease in styling a slip dress has the whole world smitten. It has come to a point wherein our daily looks seem empty without it, so we decided it's time for a breather. Surely, we all have other dresses in our wardrobe that need a little more loving, and renewing our attachment to them should involve a bit of spice. And what better way to reignite a fashion romance than with a little layering?

Check out our go-to dress combos below, sans our overused slip dress:

1. Strapless dress + Crisp button-down + Pumps


IMAGE Getty Images, Zara

Zara Jacquard Mini Dress, P1795, Greenbelt 5

The dresses you only wear to evening affairs can also have their place in the sun when paired with its polar opposite. Look chic in the daytime without showing too much skin.

2. Pinafore dress + Off-shoulder top + Block-heeled shoes

IMAGE Tibi, Dear Late Comer

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Tibi A-line Pinafore Dress, net-a-porter

Pinafore dresses can function like your favorite pair of overalls when layered. And to keep the summery vibe in, wear it over a breezy off-shoulder top.

3. Tulle dress + Jeans + Oversized sweater + Ankle boots


Zara Tulle Strappy Dress, P795, SM Megamall

Pour some edge into your tulle dress by wearing it as an accent piece. We love wearing it with denim and/or other androgynous pieces for a quick fashion oxymoron.


4. Ribbed Maxi Dress + Textured Jacket + Sneakers

IMAGE Mango, Tsangtastic

Mango Tailored Ribbed Dress, Greenbelt 5

Something as form-fitting as a ribbed dress is a great base for bolder outerwear. Our vote is on faux fur!

5. V-Neck dress + Turtleneck + Tights


IMAGE Etienne Tordoir of Getty, H&M

H&M V-Neck Dress, P3490, SM Megamall

Be a smart traveler and cozy up your summer dresses instead of buying new outfits. Wearing them with a turtleneck, for example, is a surefire way to create a transitional look.

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