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Laureen Uy Will Show You How to Live Your Best Life Under P999

Laureen Uy Will Show You How to Live Your Best Life Under P999
We talked to the blogger about her new show.

If you've been wondering what Laureen Uy's been up to (especially since she's been hashtagging her posts with #LOB), we finally have the answer. And it's a show called Laureen on a Budget. Involving a series of budget challenges with celebrity and influencer guest stars, Laureen and her guests try to complete tasks armed with only P999 in their pocket. 

What kind of challenges, you ask? Expect to be treated to a bevy of episodes that tackle fashion, beauty, even food challenges! (One of them was a three-course meal cook-off with her stylish siblings Liz and Vince Uy.) If you're curious to see how Laureen and her guests fared, you can stream the show on the iWant app starting November 17. 

We caught up with the blogger and asked her to spill a few deets on her newest venture. Read the interview below! 


How did your show come to be? Were you approached by ABS-CBN or did you pitch the idea to them? 

"A friend of mine, Neil Arce of N2 Production asked me if I would be open to having my own show for ABS-CBN’s online platform. We really didn’t have anything solid then (this was maybe six months ago) but we basically conceptualized everything together. We had so many ideas but Laureen on a Budget (#LOB) was our best pick."

Where did you get the idea of doing a budget show?  

"I’ve always been a person who knows how to make tipid and I love making smart choices when it comes to purchasing items. Ever since high school I would always [try and] compute the best way I can spend on something. In college I was the ukay ukay queen! Even when I travel I always make sure I spend my money the right way. When it comes to budgeting, I’ve practically almost mastered the art of spending wisely. 

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"Don’t get me wrong, I do love splurging once in a while but it’s only when I started really earning and saving for the things I love. It’s always smart to have a budget allocations, especially if you’re preparing for something."

How different is the production process for Laureen on a Budget versus the content on your YouTube channel?

"So different! We really have an entire crew, including a director for the show. It’s also edited waaaay better than my content on YT. LOL. They’re both very personal, but I can definitely say that LOB will really blow your minds!"

What else did you learn from the process?

"I got shocked with my budgeting skills! I know I love making tawad but the challenges every episode were all hard! I always spend P999 or less on each episode and sometimes, before filming an episode, I’d be like, 'This is impossible.' But then I find out it’s actually doable, you just really have to be smart when it comes to conceptualizing and knowing where to spend your money."


Will there be celebrity guests? Are you allowed to drop hints on who will guest star?

"YES!!! Every episode I have a celebrity guest and they’re all close to my heart, that’s why I think it’s extra exciting. In one episode with my siblings Liz and Vince and we did a three-course meal cook off! Another one is with the trio, Camille Co and Kryz Uy and we had to do an entire wardrobe haul. (Yes, we filled one whole rack with clothes with P999 or less!)"

Are you planning a season 2 for LOB? What other projects can we look forward to in the future?

"I’d love to do another season of LOB but for now, I’m so so excited for you guys to see season 1 first!"

Last question, is it really possible to live your best life under P999? 

"Really, yes. It really up to you how you’d want to spend your P999 but kayang kaya!"

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