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9 Laidback and Comfy Pambahay Outfits We're Stealing from Julia Barretto

9 Laidback and Comfy Pambahay Outfits We're Stealing from Julia Barretto
IMAGE instagram/juliabarretto
She has easy outfit combos that will never let you down!

There's no denying that comfort is our number one priority. This rings true even more when we're spending the day at home caught in between work and domestic chores. But that doesn't mean that style has to be compromised. 'Fits that are equally comfy and stylish can be easily achieved especially if you've got a slew of foolproof OOTDs ready in a jiffy. To help you, we're scrolling through Julia Barretto's Insta-feed for some quick at-home outfit inspos that are easy to put together and feel cozy enough to wear all day long. Below are nine easy outfit combos that will never let you down.

1. LBD

When it comes to tried-and-tested outfits, nothing beats a good ol' LBD. It's polished and requires very little styling—promise, you can't ever mess this up! Now, all you need to elevate the look is some gilded baubles and you'll look like a million bucks in a snap.


This remains true even when you're just staying at home. It's a quick outfit you can put together and still look like you made extra effort to dress up. If you're not too keen in wearing excessive jewelry while lounging at home, a simple minimalist necklace can do the trick just as fine.

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2. Tube + Sweats

Lounging around at home means opting for something cozy and snug. You can wear a piece of heaven in the form of a tube top and a pair of sweat pants for days that you just don't feel like doing anything. Like Julia, grab a cup of joe and enjoy your stylish self with good book to read or a new series to binge-watch.


You can even throw on your fave hoodie just in case the weather gets a bit chilly!


3. LWD

Amid the Manila heat, there's no denying that we're looking for a 'fit that's airy and breathable. And thank goodness we've got little white dresses that ticks all the boxes that make a comfy heat-resistant look. Just like Julia, we're eyeing LWDs that come with puffy sleeves and eyelet deets. Alternatively, you can opt for ivory shift dresses that come in comfy cotton fabrics.


4. Puff sleeve dress

Speaking of puffy sleeves, we're still pretty much obsessed with the trend! And it looks like Julia is just as captivated by it as we are. She loves to don pretty little dresses that boast of billowy sleeves, a dainty pambahay option that are made for mirror selfies, don't you think?


5. Tank top + shorts

If decluttering is on your agenda, or you've got yourself in a bit of a power nesting situation, then you'll need an outfit that allows you to freely move about. Julia's choice of outfit for this kind of day consists of a simple tank top and denim shorts! Who are we to say no to a cute 'fit we can pose in mid-chore, right?


6. White tee + joggers

For days when you just have "nothing" to wear, Julia suggests you go back to basics: A simple white tee and cozy joggers!


7. Sports bra + leggings

We don't know about you, but spending the day clad in activewear feels like it's going to be a productive one. Whether you plan on getting your exercise done and over with before breakfast or you're planning to squeeze a quick yoga sesh in the afternoon, a sporty 'fit like this will never do you wrong. Plus, leggings are godsend when it comes to comfort, don't you agree?


8. Silk Pajamas

Don't underestimate the power of a good silk pajama set. You can feel luxurious as you go to bed and wake up just as much the next day. We're not judging if you choose to stay in silk or satin pajamas all day, though! Honestly, it's one of the small treats you can reward yourself with every now and then.


9. Ringer tee + Jeans

If you're looking to feel a little more dressed up, ringer tees and your fave pair of jeans will do the trick! As we know, denim is everyone's BFF and who can resist those adorable baby tees, anyway?

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