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La Glace By Ken Samudio

Welcome the New Year with sparkling stunners courtesy of the PEFTA alumnus.
La Glace By Ken Samudio Welcome the New Year with sparkling stunners courtesy of the PEFTA alumnus.

The artist-at-heart continues to shine bright this season with yet another collection to wrap up 2012. If you loved his capsule collection for The Ramp Crossings, here’s another batch of drool-worthy pieces to include in your must-have list! Read on to know more about this creative junkie as he talks about his biggest design challenges and what makes him happy.


What’s the inspiration behind your La Glace collection?

I was inspired by a random photograph of a snowflake on an old Christmas card I received from my late father when I was little. He told me that no snowflakes are ever alike and that fact still leaves me in awe up to this day. So in this collection, I used crystals arranged in a random formation resembling a snowflake. 

Have you always wanted to become an accessories designer, or was it just a random idea that came about when the opportunity presented itself?


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would become an accessories designer. I actually have a degree in Biology, and this career in fashion came as an accident when I posted online a capsule collection of headpieces which I just made out of boredom. Next thing I knew, I was seeing celebrities like Mariel Rodriguez and Anne Curtis wearing them on television. 

Who are your style stars? Why do you admire them?

Anna Dello Russo. In spite of her age and not being technically "pretty" by media standards, she can pull off the most outrageous, crazy outfits and come out really fashion forward and fierce. Locally, I admire Preview EIC Pauline Juan for always looking effortlessly chic. 

Tell us: What’s the toughest challenge you experienced in your design career?

The toughest challenge is trying to balance the artist and the businessman in me. I am both creative and business savvy but sometimes, it feels like I am a one-man show, especially when I was starting out. Aside from designing for my main brand Ken Samudio and my commercial brand Matthew&Melka, I also make the prototypes, do product shoots, editing, delivery, costing, accounting, marketing, etc. 


Now that the business has grown a bit, I now have a few workers to execute my designs after I make the prototypes myself. My only challenge right now is finding a partner who can take charge of the business side so that I can focus on designing. 

Do you have plans of exploring other creative avenues in the near future (e.g. painting, interior design),or will you just focus on accessories?

I was a prolific painter when I was in my teens and did stage and production way back. Now I just want to focus on designing accessories and eventually move to serious jewelry later on. 

What’s your most unforgettable experience as a designer?

I have a lot of unforgettable experiences as a designer, but being included in the PEFTA 2011 and being mentored by Josie Natori and Inno Sotto tops the list. 

What makes you happy?

Making beautiful things make me happy. Seeing photographs of women wearing my pieces make me giddy. When I started my accessories company, it was never my intention to create serious, can't-touch-this art pieces. I want to make accessories that are unique but which a true woman can wear and enjoy. I agree that fashion is art, but it shouldn't be treated as such. 


What’s your advice for budding designers?

Always try to make something that has never been done before. It can be a new technique, a new concept or material. If it's unique it will surely be noticed. 

What can we expect from you come 2013?

2013 will be a very exciting year for the Ken Samudio and Matthew&Melka brands. Next year, my pieces will be available in retail boutiques and online stores in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. A very good celebrity friend of mine also agreed to do my 2013 campaign, which I am very excited about. With all these exciting prospects for my brands, December 2012's end of the world is so not happening! (laughs)

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