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LA Aguinaldo’s Top 5 #OOTDs in Tokyo

Here's a dose of style peg for the guys!
LA Aguinaldo’s Top 5 #OOTDs in Tokyo Here's a dose of style peg for the guys!

For this week’s menswear picks, we turn the spotlight to male model LA Aguinaldo and his recent Tokyo #OOTDs:

STYLE TIP #1: Never leave home without your white kicks.

They’re the peanut butter to your blue jeans’ jelly, the bread to your basic crewneck’s butter. They’re the only pair of shoes you’ll probably ever need during your whole trip as you can easily dress them up or down. 

STYLE TIP #2: It’s never too hot or too cold to wear shorts.

As long as you can put up with the weather conditions, then by all means, flaunt those gams. After all, why hide the fruits of #legday labor?

STYLE TIP #3: Save up on hair product and just put a cap on it.

Having a bad hair day? No problem! Why bother fixing your hair when you can easily hide it under a snap back? Not to mention, it will also protect your head from the heat/cold while adding a bit of mystery to your look.

STYLE TIP #4: Stick to basics.

Load up on closet staples: joggers, denim jeans, crewnecks in white, grey, and black, etc. Mix and match and wear them on repeat. It’s an easy fail-proof style equation that saves up on time.

STYLE TIP #5: Blend in with the locals.

The last thing you want is to look like an actual tourist. Take it easy! What’s most important is soaking up the culture of a new city and fully experiencing it.

Photos from @thelaaguinaldo