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We're Calling It: K-Drama Actor Ji Chang Wook Is the New Bench Endorser

Ben Chan's clue was a dead giveaway!
We're Calling It: K-Drama Actor Ji Chang Wook Is the New Bench Endorser
Ben Chan's clue was a dead giveaway!

Obsessed with the popular K-dramas Healer and Suspicious Partner? If your answer's yes, then you're about to flip. Korean actor Ji Chang Wook is the newest international face of local brand Bench!

Ben Chan, the label's CEO himself, posted a teaser on Instagram, and within minutes had a frenzy brewing in the comments section about who the new mystery ambassador might be. It's pretty obvious, though, if Ben's caption is any clue! Referencing the star's earlier work, he wrote, "We’re about to drop a HUGE reason for you to smell the flowers and Smile Again. This oppa’s about to get you So In Love."


Ji Chang Wook, as his loyal fans would know, starred in a 2010 romantic drama titled Smile Again, which catapulted him into fame before he landed the lead roles for Empress Ki (2013), Healer (2014), The K2 (2016), and Suspicious Partner (2017). 

If that doesn't convince you yet, here's more proof: Ben Chan, who was recently in Seoul, posted a photo of himself on his Instagram three weeks ago posing against a graffiti wall that depicts an image of Chang Wook! "Meet my new friend #JCW," he captions the post. Case closed.

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Apart from Chang Wook, other Korean actors who were previously announced as Global Benchsetters include Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik.

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