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Kermit Goes Digital

You can now get a hold of Kermit Tesoro’s creations on the World Wide Web!
Kermit Goes Digital You can now get a hold of Kermit Tesoro’s creations on the World Wide Web!

If there is a trend that’s prevailed from season to season and is still growing; it is going digital. More so, even the fashion industry has embraced the information superhighway, with online shopping, designers and retail brands putting up their own websites, and print and broadcast media creating virtual counterparts.


Kermit Tesoro follows suit, launching his website in a week or two. He clearly puts it, “it is not to commercialize my brand, but rather to maximize the reach to [individuals] who want to buy my designs. There has been so much demand from [people] both local and abroad.”

Kermit’s site is already in the works and it will feature his collections, past and present. He will also be selling a few pieces—clothes, shoes and perhaps, accessories—and some will be exclusive to online buyers. Of course, his signature elements will be omnipresent—skulls on heels, patterned bodycons and heel-less shoes—but will however be pared down to more wearable pieces.

“For the initial production, I am planning to release seven shoe designs with sizes from six to nine (with half sizes) and a number of clothes with around three sizes per style,” Kermit shares.

On his website, he shares a bit about his fashion sensibility, explaining that, “all of the aesthetics shown on his works are just an intersection of his self-advocacy on technology and unconventional materials translated in fashion context.”

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In the meantime, while he’s finalizing the construction of the site, clients can send their e-mail address and contact details to so that Kermit can send you regular updates.

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