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Kendall Wants To Throw Away Her Phone

She's social media fatigued.
Kendall Wants To Throw Away Her Phone She's social media fatigued.

Kendall Jenner wants to throw away her smartphone. Yes, the supermodel/world-famous teen with 27.4m followers on Instagram and 10.8m followers on Twitter recently tried to veer away from her phone-clutching habit. And apparently, life without it is...well, life. 

On a recent trip to Thailand, reported WENN, Kendall was in a two-hour drive from the airport to their lodging. She'd left her phone in her bag and didn't touch it the whole way.

"I looked out the window at everything, and I saw people who live in huts and have dogs that were, like withering away. And all their food, meat, was hanging in front of their house. It was very sad.”


(Dominique Charriau, WireImage)

Kendall also told The Sunday Times Style magazine, "I think social media has taken over our generation. It's a big part of our lives and it's kind of sad. I hate it sometimes, like, I literally want to throw my phone so I can't look at it. It's all a made-up world if you think about it. Social media, everything, this interview, everything. It's not real. It's pretty crazy.”

What a downer on your next Bangkok trip...

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