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Complete photos of the pieces, all dropping in Manila.
SEE: ALL OF KENDALL + KYLIE FOR TOPSHOP, IN STORES TOMORROW! Complete photos of the pieces, all dropping in Manila.

The world is talking about Caitlyn Jenner, but in true Kardashian style, one social media buzz is never enough. If you love Kendall’s chill model off-duty style as well as Kylie’s edgy sophistication, then you guys are in for a real treat. There will be no need to choose whose style you dig more because the sisters have decided to design their first collection together and they will be sold exclusively at retail favorite, Topshop, in less than 24 hours! Two Ks are better than one, and tomorrow, June 3, 2015, the Kendall + Kylie collection will drop like the bomb we know it will be. Yes, in Manila.

Before you fire up the gallery and call dibs on the pieces that will bring out the LA girl in you, scroll down to find out model Kendal and Kylizzle’s #feels on their line.  

Kylie’s Favorite

My favourite piece is the grey crew neck sweater that says “When in Doubt, Vacation” That’s our motto!” 

Kendall’s Favorite

“I really like the wide-legged black pants that are see-through. I’d probably wear them with a knotted up t-shirt and some strappy heels.”


They steal each other’s clothes like normal sisters (of course they do)

Kendall: We definitely fight over clothes. It’s much easier for me to steal from her now because I live in my own house so it’s all locked up and I never let her in if I’m not there. But Kylie’s clothes are all at my mom’s house so I can freely walk in at anytime and take whatever I see. I usually just steal whatever’s new and cool that she has!

Their inspirations

Kylie: Fashion-wise Kim and Kanye inspire me so much.

Kendall: Yes, my sisters mostly. It’s crazy that they have all lived out their dreams and to see what they’ve made for themselves, it’s a real inspiration.




How would big sis Khloe look in those cutoffs?

Will the older Kardashians wear these?

Kylie: Our family loves supporting us and wearing all our stuff. Khloe would love the jean shorts.

Kendall: Kourtney would definitely wear our short little black romper.

Kylie: Kim is simple.

Kendall: Yeah, she would keep it pared back with our wide black pants.

Why they chose Topshop

Kendall: We’ve always loved them as a brand and the collection itself seemed like a perfect fit. It was also about bringing a little LA style to London and this iconic British brand.

This interview has been condensed and edited.

Go ahead, launch the gallery and get a taste of LA. Then let us know what's on your shopping list in the comments below!