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Kylie and Kendall Think They're Madonna

Just Kylie.
Kylie and Kendall Think They're Madonna Just Kylie.

The youngest Kardashian sisters think they are popular enough to be known by just their first names. This week, they filed a petition to trademark just "Kendall," and just "Kylie," as well as the collective "Kylie and Kendall" and "Kylie & Kendall."

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Whereas Kendall wants the sole rights to put her name on fashion-related merch, Kylie wants to trademark her name for celebrity appearances and 'entertainment in the nature of providing information by means of a global computer network in the fields of entertainment, fashion and pop culture,' says TMZ. Violators be sued.


What about famous Kylies of the past, like oh, maybe, Kylie Minogue? (She's trademarked her full name, reports the Daily Mail.)

Only God knows what’s coming next from this krazy klan.

-Maia Puyat via Harpers Bazaar

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