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Kathryn Bernardo Talks About Her Fashion Hits and Misses in 10 Photos

Find out which looks she would never wear again.
Kathryn Bernardo Talks About Her Fashion Hits and Misses in 10 Photos Find out which looks she would never wear again.

We all go through that growing up stage when we make fashion choices we don’t understand and beauty mistakes we wish we didn’t commit. Kathryn Bernardo is no different. Just like all of us, she also went through the evolution from being an experimental young girl before blooming into a Teen Queen. “Before sa OB (Montessori) every Friday we wear civillian clothes. I’ll fold my white pants up to my knees and I wear them with high cut Chuck Taylors. I thought cool ako nun, kadiri pala.” She also shared that she learned a lot from this one red carpet moment from before when she wore black. “My hair was pang ninang and I wore black. Makeup ko sobrang kapal for my age din. Pero gandang-ganda nako sa sarili ko nung time na 'yun. It’s really important to dress for your age. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up.”


We asked the Teen Queen-turned-author to react to 10 of her past OOTDs.  

“OMG! Boho look for Growing Up. I wouldn’t wear this anymore pero before I really had a boho phase because of my character.” 

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"Sobrang nene! If there’s something I learned here, it's that you should always dress for your age."

“This one for ASAP. Korean yung production so requirement colorful. I don’t think I would wear this look again.” 


“Aaaah! Love namin ito! This was one of the first looks I did with Kim and Boop. Binili pa nila online yung dress.  We just styled it with a pearl necklace to add a dainty vibe.” Her stylist Boop even shared that this was at a time when off- shoulder tops weren't as widespread. 


“This was for my album mall show. We had a look for all the album promos, joggers and a ribbon on my head. Joggers were trending for a time, that’s why we went with that. I wouldn’t wear this anymore. Hehe.”

“For my debut! I told Tito Francis I didn’t want a super pink dress, and he got the perfect shade. The beadwork was the same color of the gown and not the typical silver.”


“I love Vania (Romoff)! The blue one was for the after-party. I wanted something backless in a mabango color and Vania chose this.”

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“I wore this for Tonight with Boy Abunda. Super gusto namin kasi sobrang sleek tapos we paired it with strappy shoes lang. Feeling ko para siyang Kendall (Jenner). Feeling ko lang. Laughs.”

Gigi Hadid naman was the peg for this. Para siya sa ASAP. This was custom-made. Super gusto ko kasi for a time nauso yung style, the jumpsuit. 


“This is something that I would wear until now. Simple shirt, sneakers, jeans for lazy days.  This one was for DJ’s music video.”

Her most important style lesson? “Less is more. I learned it from experience and through the people around me. Sila Kim and Boop, Kuya John, Ate Den. They all give comments so eventually I learned to see what looks good on me and kung ano yung hindi nagwwork. Before nahihiya ako, kahit hindi ko gusto and I’m asked to wear something, I’ll wear it. When I turned 18 nagkaroon nako ng judgement, I had the confidence to say which styles I liked and which ones won’t work. Learn from your mistakes.”


Get more tips from the Kath when you get a copy of her book, Everyday Kath: 365 Ways to be a Teen Queen.

Images from @bernardokath, @kimiyap, @boopyap, @vaniaromoff, @francois88, @rainierdagala on Instagram. Main image shot by Shaira Luna.

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