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Kate Middleton Repeats Clothes, Why Shouldn't You?

Here's why it's totally fine to get caught wearing the same thing twice.
Kate Middleton Repeats Clothes, Why Shouldn't You? Here's why it's totally fine to get caught wearing the same thing twice.

We know a number of you get iffy with repeating outfits especially if they’ve been documented by a #ootd posts on Instagram. To some, the idea of getting caught wearing the same thing at another big event becomes a nightmare we dread to come true. Truth is, it’s totally fine to repeat outfits and that all it takes is a little bit of styling to make them look different. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for using and abusing wardrobe pieces as she uncaringly re-uses them for the world to see–there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and in fact, you get more value from your purchases.  Let’s all take it from Kate and see how we can maximize our wardrobe.


Earlier this year, Kate was seen playing cricket in this Luisa Spagnoli skirt-suit as she promoted the Cricket World Cup with her husband. Some might have gotten a case of déjà vu as she also wore the same dress when she visited her alma mater, St. Andrews, with a slight change in styling by layering a black turtle neck underneath paired with leather gloves.

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Kate is a lover of McQueen and this coat is just one of the pieces she loves to repeat. On the left, you have her in New Zealand keeping it simple with black pumps and subtle jewelry while on the right, she dresses it up by sporting a fascinator for a historic tour at the  Musée de Débarquement.


Adding to her McQueen collection, the Duchess of Cambridge dons this tartan coat paired with a green Gina Foster hat on Christmas Day of 2013 as the Royal Family pays visit to St. Mary Magdalene Church. It wasn't her first time wearing it though as she also sports it for another visit to St. Andrews in 2012.


Apart from switching up your look with the help of accessories, doing your hair and makeup differently can also conceal the fact that you’ve worn that dress more than once (or at least try). Kate first wears this Roland Mouret in 2012 to a dinner honoring Prince William. The following year she sports the dress again for the London premier of Mandela: Long Walk with a sparkly necklace and her hair pulled back.


Just like everybody else, the Duchess loves her high street labels. This Zara military jacket is one of her fave pieces as she loves to layer it over tops for more casual affairs.

Honestly, people don’t really care if you wear something more than once seeing that everyone else does it anyway.  Kate does just that with this white Zimmerman dress that she wore during their Australian visit and also at Wimbledon. Just don’t over-use it to the point that it gets dubbed as your “favorite” piece to wear, even if it really is.


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