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Kashieca Forecasts Black, White And Grey For Summer

The brand's new campaign puts the chic in Kashieca.
Kashieca Forecasts Black, White And Grey For Summer The brand's new campaign puts the chic in Kashieca.

Bea Alonzo looks oh so #chic. (image from Kashieca)

You can't say Kashieca without saying chic. This summer, the girly sister of Bench is trekking the road not often taken, by sticking to cool greys, blacks, and whites. According to stylist La Consing Lopez, creative director of the brand’s Dress Chic campaign, he wanted to veer away from the over-styled fashion flooding the Manila scene and replace it with contemporary visuals united under various hashtags with the word #chic.


Liza Soberano and Bea Alonzo for the #dresschic campaign

To him a chic woman doesn’t necessarily follow trends. “Her goal is to pay homage to some of her favorite movies, music, art, and style icons through the way she dresses,” he said. Inspired by the uber wearable campaign, we put together two looks with pieces set to be out in stores by mid-March (that’s next week already, mind you) to get you fine young ladies to #walkchic, #talkchic, and #staychic all summer long.

Look No. 1: #PicnicChic

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As long as you ditch the layering, knit is perfectly fine for summer. Channel Audrey Hepburn by combining a short-sleeved cardigan and midi skirt with a pair of laid-back d'orsay oxfords. Now all you need is a ponytail and a bike to complete that #summerchic OOTD.

Look No. 2: #CommuterChic

For a day at the park with your favorite book, go for the super-click pairing of a boxy top and a pencil skirt. Simply grab your commuter-friendly sandals, matte black sunnies, and remember to stick to shades of black, white, or grey for a #totallychic chill day out. Don't forget to tag us @previewthestylebible when you snap that washed out #OOTD!


Tops and skirts are from kashieca

Click here if you're a huge fan of black, white, and 50 shades of grey.

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