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Jul B. Dizon: Jewelbots

Jewel-loving geeks, meet your sparkly new best friends.
Jul B. Dizon: Jewelbots Jewel-loving geeks, meet your sparkly new best friends.

Attention, fashionable tech geeks: please know that more and more of you are making the fashion world even cooler. From designer laptops to gadget "excessories", techie necessities and accoutrements are becoming chicer and more stylish by the day. And naturally, this isn't lost on Filipino designers, some of whom are fashionably geeky, too, in their own way. Hello, Ginny Dizon!

As one of the designers behind Jul B. Dizon Jewellery, she has just released her Jewelbots collection of adorable bejewelled robot pendants, some of which—as "Secret Keepers"—double as USB drives!

"I'm a geek at heart," Ginny says. "I love sci-fi and am a big fan of Star Trek and Star Wars. My favorite robot is R2-D2 and he inspired me to design a pendant I can wear that doubles as a USB drive, since my old plastic USB didn't go well with my pearls, haha."

 "I used the usual gems and metals for jewelry, with the addition of 16 GB USB drives for a few. As for the techniques, we used more care in hiding the joints without restricting movement in [them]," she explains. All the pieces in the Jewelbots collection are designed to be worn on chains or cords and are quirkily designed, perfect for casual wear.


Ginny envisions  "fun, quirky, [and] young techies, students, [and] scientists" wearing her designs, as well as master techie himself, Bill Gates. Her favorite piece is the Fletcher (Secret Keeper) pendant (also my favorite!).

"It's nothing like I've done before," she says of Jewelbots. We love and hate her for it—love that she has designed something cute and precious and practical. But how are we supposed to settle for our plastic USBs now? They seem so lifeless and dreary all of a sudden!

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