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Joyce Makitalo: Non-saint

Russian and religious inspirations for the accessory designer's latest collection.
Joyce Makitalo: Non-saint Russian and religious inspirations for the accessory designer's latest collection.

Accessory designer Joyce Makitalo never fails to give us showstopping cuffs, rings, earrings, and neckpieces in her signature quirky and chunky aesthetic whenever she has a new collection out. Her pieces provide that eccentric splash of style that punctuate any outfit, be it through the simple charms of her Jimi Hendrix- and '60s-inspired 1969 line for Rustan's, or the all-out drama and raw vivacity of her eponymous line.

For her latest outing, Joyce pulls out all the stops as she has never done before, offering not just the usual assortment of bright baubles we can adorn our fingers, ears, and necks with. This time, incredibly beautiful clutches and, a bit of a surprise here, goblets (you know, in case you feel like bringing your own marvelously studded cup to sip wine from in these fashion-y events, or, to just sip water from in your fashionable abode), steal the attention from her array of dazzling jewelry.


The collection, entited Non-Saint, was launched last Friday in Firma, the Ricky Toledo- and Chito Vijandre-owned boutique of all things chic. Joyce whispered to me during the event that she was inspired by all things Russian when she was conceptualizing this new series, and her tweets about Putin, etc., serve as evidence. Specifically, though, Joyce might have been inspired by the old-school opulence of the Romanov jewels, and the stately grandeur of the Russian Orthodoxy, which explains the church-y bent of her pieces (and the presence of those amazing goblets). "I’ve always been fascinated with the opulence and the gothic feel of church paraphernalia," Joyce says. "This collection is a reflection of that awe and splendor."

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This is the first time we're seeing minaudières from Joyce. The bag line, dubbed Birds of Prey, is a promising venture for the accessory designer. Intriguingly inspired by pyxes, those metal receptacles for keeping the host, the clutches are a sight to behold in their precious stone-studded and 24k glory. The chalices, meanwhile, make for chic home accoutrements. "I have a personal goblet collection, old and new," Joyce reveals. "The concept of bejeweled goblets seemed perfect for Non-Saint, and I’ve always wanted to own these bejeweled objects, which are difficult to come by unless I make them."


Going back to the wearable items, Non-Saint offers an assortment of lock pendants and chunky earrings and rings, which Joyce envisions would've worked greatly with the great Diana Vreeland's wardrobe. Neckpieces, earrings, rings, cuffs, clutches, goblets and all, Non-Saint is a definitive collection from Joyce Makitalo, one that she herself thinks epitomizes her recognizably wicked design aesthetic. "Drama: check. Boldness: check. Quirky old world: check," Joyce ticks. Chic: check. Covetable: check. Bought: not yet. Race you to Firma!

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