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Joyce Makitalo For Rustan's: 1969

See her hot, new pieces for the younger set.
Joyce Makitalo For Rustan's: 1969 See her hot, new pieces for the younger set.

Rustan's was so enamored with Joyce Makitalo 's designs that they asked her to create another line, this time exclusive to them and geared towards the younger market. The brainchild: 1969, a youthful line of accessories with "a new approach with a different appeal." It takes its name from the rock 'n roll era where freedom, self-expression, and new discoveries reigned.

"The 60s was a time of war, heavy racism, and confusion. The youth was looking to break free from all of that. 1969 was a golden time in history because the youth came together to find an answer and to break away from the norm through music. The West discovered and embraced the East: its philosophies, cultures, and wisdom. I wasn't born then, but I think Woodstock now has become a state of mind. It has become a symbol of freedom, peace, and love. The 1969 line is inspired by this wonderful era," Joyce shares.


The bohemian, music-loving designer, whose whimsical and chunky accessories are a favorite of Mai Kaufman, Charina Sarte, and Rajo Laurel (who stocks her in his atelier), is excited about her latest endeavor. "I feel grateful to Rustan's for inviting me to be part of them," she says.

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She is likewise excited about catering to a different audience—"the fans of Culte Femme and U, which is a younger age group." 1969 is "young and quirky—it’s for the little girls. Younger women do not have many alternatives when it comes to accessories and end up with pieces that are produced en masse.  Not so cool."

With a price range of P1500 to P3500, this new line offers a range of unique accessories for young ladies who want to splurge a little. Think of the pieces as entry-level starters for collecting unique statement bling.

"The direction is to continue introducing new jewelry collections and eventually bags," Makitalo shares. "My aesthetic is known to be colorful, bold and chunky, and this will not change, although each collection will always bring something new in terms of material and silhouette. The latest collection is modern bohemian: tassels, wood beads, antique charms mixed with geometric modern design. It’s India meets Tibet meets New York. And they all meet Jimi Hendrix."


But as enthralled as Makitalo is about the project, she feels challenged at the same time: "I feel a bit challenged because I need to be sensitive to the needs of more women. The Rustan's market is big, thus the opportunity is great, and I have to be on my toes and always come up with new ideas." This shouldn't be so hard for her to do considering how creatively prolific she is, churning out regular collections for her eponymous line while painting and playing music whenever she isn't stringing or setting stones.

1969 is already available at Rustan’s Makati. Click on the photo gallery to preview the collection.

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