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Jot Losa Spring/summer 2013

The PEFTA alumnus takes us to his dainty world of whites and blooms in his latest collection.
Jot Losa Spring/summer 2013 The PEFTA alumnus takes us to his dainty world of whites and blooms in his latest collection.

We always get giddy when designers continue to flourish in their careers after PEFTA. If you loved Jot Losa’s crimson abaca-and-leather fusion piece from his PEFTA collection, prepare to get mesmerized once again as he brings us another round of ultra-feminine pieces for the upcoming summer. Set against white organdy and silk gazaar with leather floral appliqués, his latest offering can be summed up in three words: fresh, clean, and refined.

Read on as Jot talks about his inspirations, the holiday season, and what we can expect from him come 2013.


Tell us: Since becoming part of PEFTA’s 2011 roster, did you experience surprising/unexpected changes in your design career? 

A lot of projects poured in, from advertising to TV shows. Met a lot of people from the industry and of course gained more clients and friends.


Describe a 'Jot Losa' woman.

A 'Jot Losa' woman is smart, accomplished, well-traveled, and optimistic. 



What was the inspiration behind your Spring/Summer 2013 collection?

Honestly it was inspired by a vintage sheer yellow organza dress Pauline Juan wore in one PFW show last season. 


What’s the most valuable lesson you learned from your dressmaking stint in Doha?

I learned that fashion is a business and not just an art; it is the bread and butter of the designers, sewers, beaders, and everyone involved in dressmaking.  It involves real people and their real lives, so we have to work just as hard as others in order to survive in this industry.


If you were to collaborate with a designer or a retail brand, who/what would it be and why?

It might be Kultura. I find it challenging to come up with modern pieces using indigenous fabrics like piña or abaca.  


What are your plans for the holidays?

Won't really be spending the holidays because it’s the peak season for weddings, so most designers are very busy.



What’s your biggest fashion splurge?

A pair of Cole Hanns and Christian Dior Homme shoes.


Finish the sentence: All I want for Christmas is…?

A customized pink cabinet and drawers for my office!


What’s your goal for 2013?

Start up my RTW line, plus menswear. 


Click on the photo gallery to view Jot Losa's Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Photography by Randy Capinpin

Styling by Ryuji Shiomitsu