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Joel Escober: Summer 2010

Have a chic summer in his silk chiffon and tulle dresses.
Joel Escober: Summer 2010 Have a chic summer in his silk chiffon and tulle dresses.

Who would've thought that Cinderella Man (Ron Howard's critically acclaimed movie about the legendary boxing underdog James Braddock, played by Aussie bad boy Russell Crowe) would serve as Joel Escober's inspiration for an entire summer collection comprised of singularly elegant and tasteful dresses?

His summer 2010 collection is governed by silk chiffon and delicate, gauzy tulle spun into form-flattering silhouettes perfect for evening affairs. But even though they are terribly pretty, there seems to be a patent disjunct between the garments and their cinematic inspiration. Strangely enough, it is not in the 20 or so garments where the Cinderella Man influence wholly manifests itself, but in the collection's oversized champion belts of deconstructed zipper edges and zipper heads.

There is quite a literal translation there, but one can't help but fall in love with the ingenuity of Joel's going beyond the predictable use of deconstructed zipper edges to make pretty use of his resultant zipper head surplus. The golden hardware made it to statement belts and neckpieces that can be easily worn over stark outfits. The tulle and silk chiffon dresses, meanwhile, feature embellishments of zipper rosettes that lend them a steely yet delicate look.

Read on to know more about this affable designer whose outstanding humility always sweetens his unimpeachable talent, and click on the photo gallery to see his collection for summer 2010.

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