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How to Dress for a Job Interview, According to Anna Wintour

Hers is the best opinion that matters.
How to Dress for a Job Interview, According to Anna Wintour
Hers is the best opinion that matters.

Ah, that dreaded job interview. It's a rite of passage in life that we all have to go through at one point or another, having to fuss over what to say, or how to act, or most importantly, what to wear. Because let's face it: Once you walk through those double glass doors into your prospective boss' office, the first thing they'll size you up for are your clothes. So yes, how you dress to a job interview is of utmost importance. After all, first impressions do tend to last.

But what exactly makes up the ideal interview outfit? Well, according to Vogue's Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour herself, it's definitely not your newly purchased clothes fresh off the rack. You don't want  a dead giveaway that you're trying too hard or attempting to be somebody you're not. Instead, dress like your authentic self; be like the young man who wore a dress and a handbag to his Vogue interview and won Anna's A-OK on the spot. If you're really in tune with your own style, you'll easily be able to adapt to the type of industry you're hoping to enter...even if it's a job in the corporate world.


Watch the full video below and let Anna do the explaining.

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