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5 Things About Jess Connelly's Unique Style That Show Confidence

She's breaking the mold we see in most OPM acts.
5 Things About Jess Connelly's Unique Style That Show Confidence

You can’t help but admire Jess Connelly’s style. For one thing, she’s undeniably gorgeous—think wide doe eyes framed by lush lashes and full lips that seem to be perennially bee-stung. For another, she’s just naturally cool with her distinct sense of style. She was an early proponent of dressing street on- and off-stage way before bucket hats and track pants became a fixture on social media.

Pulling off her unconventional look, especially in the local entertainment scene, proves she’s one confident woman who isn’t afraid to be true to her creativity. It takes guts to do things your own way in an industry filled with formulas.

Here are five elements to her look that showcase her self-assured style:

1. She doesn’t feel the need to dress skimpy to look sexy.

It’s no easy feat to rock a whole closet of oversized hoodies, boxy utilitarian pants, and gender-neutral threads, and still look sexy. And yet Jess effortlessly achieves that by mixing in slinky fabrics, flashing a bit of skin, or pairing loose with body-hugging silhouettes.

2. She’s almost always in a pair of sneakers.

A girl after our own heart, Jess prefers to keep it low key with comfy kicks. In fact, she has quite the collection! She did admit, however, that if she absolutely had to wear heels, she’d choose some nice boots.

3. She’s not afraid to go glam in the beauty department.

Jess’s penchant for dusky coral lids, a bold lip color, and flushed cheeks makes for a striking contrast against grittier urban wear. Factor in her flawless skin, and it’s no surprise she’s also many girls’ beauty inspiration.

4. She’s a total pro at accessorizing.

Gold hoop earrings are practically a Jess Connelly signature, but streetwear staples like bucket hats and bum bags aren’t far behind. Let’s not forget all her quirky sunglasses, too!

5. She’s a hair chameleon.

Throughout her singing career, Jess has rocked icy blonde hair, stark ebony tresses, and sun-kissed balayage highlights. She’s also pulled off blunt bangs, sleek buns, and chic bobs. Radical hair changes can make anyone’s confidence falter—but not this woman! She owns every hairstyle she tries and makes it compliment the look she’s going for.

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And while Jess Connelly’s appearance alone is enough to enamor anyone, it’s sheer talent and a fresh perspective that allows her to succeed. Long a fixture in the indie music scene, Jess has made a name for herself in the OPM industry, without conforming to a cookie-cutter image.

“When others box you in, I say challenge the norm,” she proudly states in this video:

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