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Jerome's Ugly Ducklings

The designer on the fairy tale behind the prosthetics at PFW.
Jerome's Ugly Ducklings The designer on the fairy tale behind the prosthetics at PFW.

It’s not unusual to see the odd makeup brief at Jerome Salaya Ang’s show. In his Holiday 2010 show, we saw streaky black mascara, white irises, and skull masks that covered half the face. This time around, the models walked the runway in his feminine creations looking unlike themselves.

He asked his friend Jen Delica, who has done prosthetics for TV shows and teaches at the Center for Aesthetic Studies, to create the silicone masks that covered the foreheads, noses, and chins of the 15 models. “I gave her a peg and she did everything,” Jerome said. “I wanted a look that was elven instead of fairies, pixies and gnomes.” Add to that the fiery hair pieces punctuated with red roses and we were faced with other worldly beings.

But wait, there’s a method to this madness. There’s an underlying fairy tale in the designer’s head that called for the extra prop. “It’s the story of a disfigured girl,” shares Jerome. He’s captured the feeling of alienation the less than pretty girl feels in the midst of beautiful people. “She flees to a wonderland where even she can be seen as beautiful.”


This is why he made room for softer pinks, nudes, and heather grays in his usually gritty palette. There’s also prettiness to the silhouettes—charming sweetheart necklines, full skirts, and even tiered ruffles.

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The moral of the story: any girl who dreams of being beautiful can be, really.

Click on the photo gallery to see more photos of the masks and hair pieces.


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