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Nadine Lustre Explains Why She Never Asks James Reid to Carry Her Bag

Nadine Lustre Explains Why She Never Asks James Reid to Carry Her Bag
It's the one fashion thing you shouldn't ask your boyfriend to do for you!

James Reid and Nadine Lustre, or JaDine as their fans like to collectively call them, have always been local show biz's cool millennial couple. Their Instagram feeds are proof of their devil-may-care aesthetic that's a bit different from the cookie-cutter sweet love team images we've grown up seeing. Having said that, the pair still manages to look coordinated and in-tune with each other's personal styles whenever they're photographed together. So what's their secret?

We caught up with the couple a few months back during a press conference, and James revealed that their secret to always looking good together is—you'll never guess!—not actually talking about twinning or wearing coordinated outfits intentionally! "[Our thoughts] are just synchronized," he quips. "And for some reason, we're just thinking about the same color and we'll just realize that we're matching!"

Speaking of looking good as a couple, Nadine advises that girls should never let their boyfriends carry their bag. She explains, "I understand that the guy is just being a gentleman, but it looks weird!"

True enough, boyfriends offering to carry their S.O.'s purses are a common practice here in the Philippines—some would even call it sweet. But Nadine does have a point, especially if your choice of arm candy completes your outfit or if it’s a designer bag you’ve saved up for. Knowing that it’s a hard-earned purchase, you should be proud to flaunt it. That said, an accessory can make or break your look—and you wouldn’t want your bag to ruin your boyfriend’s ensemble now, would you?


At the end of the day, if you and your beau really have that strong connection, then your fashion choices should naturally meld together. Watch our exclusive interview with the couple below:

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