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Jachin Manere Talks About Her Life After Asia's Next Top Model

The model reveals the life lessons she's picked up from AsNTM and her plans for the future.

by Steph Sison | Oct 5, 2018

"Wait for me, world!" Jach exclaims with so much promise loaded into the phrase. True enough, despite how her AsNTM story ended, her journey to the top has just begun.

With her extensive portfolio, you would think that Jachin Manere has already been modeling for a long while. The 22-year-old, in fact, has a long way to go. With only about four years of experience under her belt, she's still technically a novice, by our industry's gauge.

"I wasn’t really planning on becoming a model; I had no intentions," Jach reveals to Preview. "I just wanted to graduate and do my music." She's a Music Business Management student, but with her fine features, svelte figure, and tall frame, it was only a matter of time before the modeling scouts found her—in Jach's case, it was her best friend, Lou Yanong. "She suggested for me to [see] Tita Patty [Betita] from Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP), then both of them asked me to go to a go-see. I went to that go-see and the rest is history."


Jach wears a dress from Unarosa, P2395, Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Jach has since then become a staple on local runway shows, in the pages of Preview Magazine, and even in our editorial videos online. Perhaps it's these projects that fueled her desire to take on a wider horizon. While the option of modeling was simply presented to her, Jach's will to stay and conquer this course was purely hers. And as a novice model, she found the perfect vehicle to chase after her big dreams through Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 6.

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I learned to be patient," Jach muses. "I learned to be my best self at all times."

"It was challenging," Jach recalls her time with AsNTM. "I was looking for challenges in my modeling career and I got it there." Aside from the competition letting her experience new things and meeting new people she now treasures, Jach is most thankful for the life lessons and career milestones she was able to achieve. "I learned to be patient," Jach muses. "I learned to be my best self at all times." She also notes that the competition taught her to strive her hardest because "one mistake can eliminate you.”

Even in real life, Jach now applies the same concept. One of the most important things she learned is to "never let defeat take you down," she notes. "It should motivate you [to go] even further."


This realization hit Jach harder than it should for her to fully discern its impact. Jach was eliminated from the competition by week six. And while the internet was enraged because of her premature departure from the show, she knew that it will only make her stronger as a person and as a model.

"I was shocked because I know for myself I was doing very well throughout the whole competition, but as I've said, one mistake can eliminate you." 

"I was shocked because I know for myself I was doing very well throughout the whole competition, but as I've said, one mistake can eliminate you," she says. After the storm came the rainbow, and she was able to see the bigger picture: She's a "fighter." If anything, what happened only pushed her "to work harder [and] to be more dedicated" to her craft.


Jach wears a bodysuit from Unarosa, price unavailable, Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Her modeling journey did not traverse on smooth pavement, mind you. Unknown to many, Jach suffered an emotional breakdown post-show. "What happened to me kasi wasn’t shown on television but it was very traumatizing," she reveals. "[I broke down because] of all the things that happened and I had post-show stress, but I got through it and I just wanna say that I’m very happy I got out."


Now, Jach is focused on forging a clearer path for herself. Her plans to pursue a career in music career are temporarily on a halt to give way to her blossoming modeling métier, but Jach believes she has more to prove in the industry. "I can say that I’m really confident and I know that I got it in me and I believe in myself," Jach says. While doubts still dampen her spirit every now and then, it's a weakness she's on her way to dispelling. She also recognizes the competition, noting that "there are tons of models in the world" and she's needs to figure out "how to stand out." But whatever challenge life throws at her, Jach's determination will not fail her in the real world: "I will fight."

Jach is aware that she still has a long way to go. But this time, her success will be decided on her own terms and not based on a judge's score. 

With one semester left to finish college, Jach has already laid out the personal milestones she aims to accomplish ahead of her. "I’m going to pursue modeling. After graduation, I can go abroad and be an international model, which has become a pending goal for me. I would like to be a high fashion runway and print model." That said, Jach is aware that she still has a long way to go. But this time, her success will be decided on her own terms and not based on a judge's score. "I feel like I’m successful na when I’m not worrying if I’m gonna get booked or not," she says. 


"Wait for me, world!" Jach exclaims. In the meantime, she continues to chase after her dreams with a steady and stronger trajectory. Despite how her AsNTM journey ended, Jach assures, "I am [still] slaying."

Photographed by Dookie Ducay

Art Directed by Mark Buenaobra

Styled by Maui Rodriguez


Makeup by Anthea Bueno

Hair by Cats Del Rosario

Nails by Lyn Gloria and Razelle Caguioa of Nailandia

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