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It Only Took 2 Days To Finish Tricia Centenera's Boracay Wedding Dress

Find out how! Words from Tricia's fresh, young designer here.
It Only Took 2 Days To Finish Tricia Centenera's Boracay Wedding Dress Find out how! Words from Tricia's fresh, young designer here.

Tricia Centenera looking lovely in a Mikee Andrei gown and Gideon Hermosa flower crown. (@gideonhermosa)

Joining the double wedding trend, newlyweds Gab and Tricia Valenciano who just tied the knot a few days ago in windy Tagaytay Highlands had their second ceremony at Discovery Shores, Boracay, yesterday.

And while we’re not yet quite over the cuteness overload of their pup, Rocket, we are now awestruck with the understated, all-white beauty of the beach wedding. We have to give it to Tricia though, because amidst the perfect sun, sand, and sea, the cute parasols, the barefoot groom in his shorts, and the entire party in the color that's normally seen on just the bride, she still stood out. Style Bible talked to the designer Mikee Andrei about Tricia’s simple showstopper via email and we found out she only had two days to finish the gown! Learn more below.


When, where and how did you meet Tricia?

"It was destiny! I met her through Ryuji Shiomitsu who is a colleague at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. He gave my details to Tricia if she is interested to contact me. I sent her a direct message in IG, too. Then we decided to meet for coffee at Podium to talk." 

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How long did it take you to make her dress?

"Two days! We met Saturday (March 21), then we had to do fitting Monday night (March23). Her schedule was tight as she also had the Tagaytay wedding, but we made it on time."

Since it’s a beach wedding, what materials did you use to make it appropriate for the weather as well as the venue?

"The material was crepe charmeuse. It's flowy and it is cool when it touches the skin."

Any particular requests from the bride? 

"She wanted it comfortable and flowy. She mentioned there will be sitting-down-on the-sand moments so comfort and the easy breezy feel were musts."



Was the dress meant to be paired with the flower crown?

"As I remember, I believe she mentioned that when we talked - and I even showed her a sample of the one I made for a beach wedding-themed bridal show."

How was it like working with Tricia?

"She knows what she wants and [she's] very straightforward. I appreciate the fact that she was interested to work with a new bridal designer considering the time constraint, and given her network where she can easily talk to big names in the industry, yet she chose me!"

This interview has been condensed and edited.

Want in on this designer? Find Mikee Andrei's contact details here.

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