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Pauline Juan Steps Down as Editor in Chief of Preview Magazine

Pauline Juan Steps Down as Editor in Chief of Preview Magazine Question is: Who will be taking her spot?

Pauline Juan, the long serving editor-in-chief of Preview Magazine, who has been at the helm for 14 years, today announces her exit.

Having championed Filipino talent during her years of service to the magazine, she now ends the journey she began in 2000 when she first joined Preview as fashion assistant.

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But as one chapter closes, another one begins with Isha Andaya-Vallés, executive editor of Preview, assuming the post following Pauline’s retirement.

“Isha is a Preview Girl who has gotten her hands dirty in both print and digital,” says Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, President and COO of Summit Media. She adds, “She trained under Pauline for over ten years, two years of those being Preview's Executive Editor. She also launched, the leading fashion site in the country. She is indeed an Editor-In-Chief for our times and we look forward to her bringing the brand to new heights.”

Pauline with her successor, Isha.


At the dawn of this new era in the magazine, Isha speaks out for the first time on how she plans to lead Preview into the new age:

Is this something you’ve been dreaming about for years?

I will be honest and say no, maybe because I could never imagine Preview without Pauline. I've always immersed myself more in the process of producing content for the magazine rather than worrying about my job title - I'm fortunate enough to be in a career I truly enjoy. When Pauline asked me to step up to the plate, it was both a surprise and an honor.

What are you going to miss the most about working with Pauline?

I can't imagine a day in Preview without her, to be honest. She is the quintessential Preview girl - cool, stylish, intelligent and youthful. I think we all feed off of her energy and spirit to thrive. I will also miss her egging me on to buy "those amazing shoes" and out-partying the young ones with her.

We know that there will be some big changes in the magazine for the next issues. Can you tell us more about this new direction?

Only that our main goal is to give readers an experience that's fresh, invigorating and inspiring when they go through the pages of Preview. Let's keep it as a surprise.

How do you see Preview now and how do you see it in the future with all the big changes coming?

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When we were preparing for Preview's 20th anniversary celebration last year, the most interesting observation from Gary Ross-Pastrana, who curated the exhibit, was about how the magazine, in presenting the current mood and state of fashion in its pages, shows how the Filipina fashion-lover has grown and evolved through the years. Now more than ever, people are enjoying fashion thanks to the wealth of options and less inhibition to express one's self creatively. I think that as people evolve, as the industry evolves, Preview will be there to tell those stories.

What’s your response to when people say that print is a dying medium? How does Preview position itself so that it constantly stays relevant?

People consume different kinds of stories differently. Some prefer bite-sized entertainment via social media, others like websites and blogs for the quick pace of information and interactivity. But sometimes, you just want to hold something in your hands, pore over a story or a picture without the glare of a screen, and very leisurely immerse yourself. We'd like to cater to all types of readers and strive to produce great content across all platforms.

What would be your message to Preview’s readers as the new Editor-in-Chief?

To all the Preview girls (and guys),

There are so many fascinating stories we'd like to tell you, so many inspiring images we'd like to show you, so many experiences we'd like to enjoy with you. I hope you'll all be there for the ride.

- Isha

Photos from 'PUSH: Muses, Mischief, & How To Make It In Manila by BJ Pascual' and Charles Rodulfo

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