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Isabel Oli Spills All The Deets On Her Prenup Shoot With John Prats

High quality photos, and a Q&A with the bride-to-be. You won't believe who did her makeup!
Isabel Oli Spills All The Deets On Her Prenup Shoot With John Prats High quality photos, and a Q&A with the bride-to-be. You won't believe who did her makeup!

Drop whatever it is you're doing—Isabel Oli and John Prats just released photos from their prenup shoot, and it is everything! Literally, it’s going to take us four entire seasons to get over our jealousy. From spring to winter, we’re feeling love in the air. 

Isabel talked to Style Bible about all the details we’ve been dying to know about since the photos dropped on Instagram. From the shoot’s theme down to who did her makeup, read on to sate your curiosity.


How did you come up with the four-season theme? Whose idea was it?

It was John’s. He wants everything to be unique. Actually, we had a lot of plans at first. Since we both love movies, we even said, “Sige, let’s just copy movie posters.” But then we felt it wouldn’t work, so we decided travel na lang. “Let’s go to Vegas! Like, let’s take lots of photos in each city.” But then again, it’s too costly naman. We had lots of ideas before we thought of the four-season concept.

Does the theme have a special significance?

It basically means that we love each no matter what season we’re in, that we’ll be there for each other whatever happens. I know it’s kinda cheesy, but for us it works. (Laughs)


Was everything shot within a day? Were there different locations per layout?

The winter layout was shot at Big Bear in California, around January, I think. It was a one-day shoot in California then the rest—summer, autumn and spring—were all shot in a farm in Nayomi Resort in Batangas.

Wait, so you flew to California for that one layout? With the whole team?

Yes, John and the others were there for a month. I stayed there for nine days lang. As for Nice Print, they have a team there based in Los Angeles.



Oh, I see. There were five layouts all in all, right?

Actually, just four, but we ended up doing two sets for winter. Initially, we only planned to do one.

So the set where you were wearing a dress with the boots, that’s part of the winter layout?

Yes, that’s for winter! It wasn’t originally part of the plan. We were just passing by that house and the lake, and then they said it’d be a nice location for a shoot, and I happen to have an extra dress for a formal layout—which was unplanned, too, honestly. John and I really didn’t want a formal set. We only wanted everything to look fun, but the photographer said we should at least have one formal layout, so we did it. And there, it just happened. (Laughs)

Winter, Set A

That’s actually our favorite set! How cold was it when you shot that layout?

It was super cold, as in tiis-ganda! They even asked me to take off my trench coat. Fortunately, it was just a super quick shoot.

Can you tell us more details about what you were wearing?

There’s this movie, I forgot the title, but the girl wore boots with her wedding dress, and that’s where I got the idea. I told John about it and he said, “Okay, just do your thing. It’s our prenup shoot anyway, so even if you look baduy, it’s fine.” (Laughs)

Winter, Set B

That’s so cute! How about the dress? Did you have a stylist to provide the clothes?

The gown that I wore for the winter season was by Francis Libiran. John Paul Dizon prepared everything. He’s been my stylist ever since, even for my tapings.

Oh, and I have another fun trivia about the winter layout!


Really? Do tell!

Well, booking a makeup artist there was too expensive. Even though we had friends, it’s quite far and we’re too shy to ask. So in the end, Camille Prats had to do my hair and makeup.

Are you serious?

Yes, we’re all so proud of her! She was even joking about it, “It’s going to be my new career,” she said. It’s really hard to do other people’s makeup, and it was her first time, so that’s something. In fact, I’m planning to post a photo later on Instagram to thank her. (Laughs)

As for the other seasons, it was Rick Calderon who did my makeup. He’s also my go-to makeup artist for my shows.

After seeing how it all turned out, which one would you say is your favorite?

The most memorable, perhaps? I think the winter layout, because it was John’s Christmas gift. I’ve never been to the States before, and it was my first time to play with the snow. I think even John saw how happy I was, so it’s really the most memorable set for both of us.

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Photos by Nice Print Photography