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How to Take IG-Worthy OOTDs in the Day vs. at Night

Get ideas from Laureen Uy and Donny Pangilinan.
How to Take IG-Worthy OOTDs in the Day vs. at Night

You can’t go wrong with natural lighting, but it won’t hurt to mix up your feed by adding a few night-time shots, too. These make your IG look more interesting, as you get creative working with minimal light. Below, tips for taking double-tap-worthy OOTDs sunup or sundown.

1. Tilt your camera.

Changing the angle of your shot can make your photo look more fun. It creates movement by forcing the eyes to look at the photo from all corners and linger at the little details. Do this in the A.M. to spice up an OOTD. Try this at night amidst colorful lights to complement your lewk.

Tilt your camera for more interesting shots.

2. Sit anywhere.

You don’t always have to pose standing up. An unusual place to sit on can make a strong photo. During the day, play with shielded natural light. At night, find a well-lit playground to climb on.

The blinds create a fun ombre pattern behind Laureen Uy.

Neon lights add a cinematic feel to low-lit pics.

3. Find your light.

Lighting is important in a good photograph, so know where all your light sources are. In the daytime, pay attention to the shadows created by trees or buildings and use them to add character and texture to your photos. At night, angle your face towards the light. Plus points for playing with silhouettes.

Your shadow also casts a nice gray hue to color the walls with.

Use the silhouettes of objects around you to frame your face.

4. Take detail shots.

No one will spot all the details of your outfit at first glance, so make use of IG’s slideshow option to include a few close-ups. Daylight is great for showing colored and trendy sunnies, as well as a bright lip. At night, anything white emits an alluring glow.

The yellow shades add a hint of color to a white-themed photo.

Sewn details play with light and shadow, making white sneakers more appealing to look at.

5. Find a backdrop that works with your outfit.

Never underestimate the power of a good backdrop. When you're wearing nude-colored clothes on a sunny day, it's okay to pose by white walls. Just make sure darker or more colorful elements are in your shot through plants, shadows, or tinted windows—these keep your pictures from looking too pale or washed out. At night, pick a spot that comes with its own lighting. If there’s none, pose by shiny surfaces to reflect the limited light around you, making your photo look brighter. It also helps to wear something neon.

Small pops of color in your outfit brighten up a photo too.

Use flash photography to add flecks of light in a nighttime pic.

6. Let your shoes do the talking.

When you’re out the entire day, comfort is key. Put your leg up and rest it somewhere to show off your reliable kicks. For footwear that’s also photogenic at night, choose one with cool reflective elements like the retro-inspired adidas Nite Joggers.

Make use of the curves of your body to command a photo.

White sneakers shine when placed on a black surface.

7. Get more tips from people who have already mastered the art.

When all else fails, learn from people who’ve gotten their IG skills down pat. Watch the video below to get photo inspo from Laureen Uy and Donny Pangilinan:

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