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12 Local Instagram Shops Where You Can Shop Cute Workout Sets

Get yourself cute gym wear that will make you want to work out.
12 Local Instagram Shops Where You Can Shop Cute Workout Sets
IMAGE instagram/mojo.mnl, annecurtissmith
Get yourself cute gym wear that will make you want to work out.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, exercising indoors or at home is now more popular than ever But just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put on your best workout set. Don’t lie, some days your only motivation to workout is your 'fit—we've all been there! Putting on a colorful, matching set will always get you more pumped than your ratty old dry-fit tee and P.E. shorts. On top of that, workout wear is made to be breathable and comfy, body-hugging, and shape-enhancing. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that your workout sets are all cute and of course, Instagrammable! Pics or the workout didn't happen, right?! What's more, donning cute gym wear can make look good and feel more confident in your Zoom workout classes.

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Looking for new sets to love? Start with these brands that are functional, stylish, and unabashedly local.

ACT the label

The Freeform set is the kind of workout set that would make me feel jealous of the lucky girl who owns it at spin class. Plus the high waisted cut as well as the horizontal ribs are guaranteed to make you look absolutely snatched.



PHOTO BY instagram/actthelabel



Aerofit's Groove set comes with many reasons to love it. First off, there’s the muted, subtle colors, and second off the gorgeous top that accentuates your back through the straps.


PHOTO BY instagram/
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Mojo Activewear

You’ll be hard pressed to find pastel activewear anywhere else! Mojo activewear has the cutest, most colorful pieces out there. The sets themselves are pure eye-candy so just imagine how sweet you’d look in them.


PHOTO BY instagram/mojo.mnl


Inka Atletika

Inka Atletika sets can be used as both gym wear and swim wear! Their designs are not only colorful and charming, but also environmentally friendly! Inka Atletika repurposes plastic water bottles into clothing, certified by the global recycle standard.



PHOTO BY instagram/inka.atletika



Newly launched activewear brand by Anne Curtis-Smith, Isabelle Daza, Paulina Ortega, and Plains & Prints' Roxanne Farillas, you're sure to be wearing quality, comfy, and super stylish work out sets you'll love to wear all day long.


PHOTO BY instagram/annecurtissmith


Lotus Activewear

Lotus Activewear will have you obsessed with their breathable workout sets—especially this all-white one.


PHOTO BY instagram/lotusactivewear


Pinch Fitness

Pinch Fitness is proudly Cebuano. The first activewear brand based in Cebu offers a variety of stylish workout sets, but the standout of their whole line is definitely their two-tone sets that are to die for!



PHOTO BY instagram/pinchfitness


Ina Activewear

Ina Activewear’s Rhada set is eye-catching and simply stunning! The deep shade of red looks flattering whether you're wearing it out on a casual day or when you're doing calisthenics. You can easily tell just by looking at it that wearing this set would be the ultimate confidence boost you need any day.



PHOTO BY instagram/ina.activewear


Sunnysix Active

Looking for a bold, environmentally friendly, and comfy gym set? Sunnysix Active will tick off all these boxes for you.


PHOTO BY instagram/sunnysixactive


Day In Day Out

True to their word, Day In Day Out will make you want to live in their stylish, breathable, and comfy sets.


PHOTO BY instagram/


Groove Activewear

If you're after a bright-colored gym wear that will be your pick-me-up, Groove Activewear has you covered!


PHOTO BY instagram/grooveactivewear


Koru Athleisure

Koru Athleisure promises you comfort and flexibility, and of course, you'll also look super cute wearing their gym sets!


PHOTO BY instagram/koruathleisure


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