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Instagram's Hierarchy Of Needs

Just how needy are you?
Instagram's Hierarchy Of Needs Just how needy are you?


Remember that lecture on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? It’s that one you flunked the test in because you couldn’t remember which need came before the other. Was it sexual intimacy before excretion?  Whatever, we didn’t really give a damn. But in a nutshell, the theory observes the pattern that human motivations generally move through, often portrayed in the shape of a pyramid with the largest and most fundamental levels of needs at the bottom and the need for self-actualisation at the top. It suggests that the most basic needs must be met before we start looking for the higher level of needs. (Yawn!)

But what if we told you that your Instagram posts might actually be able to give you a picture of the needs that you’ve already met? Do you think you’re a pretty satisfied person or are there things that you still long to do? Here we break down the levels once more with the help of IG’s most popular posts to help us get a better picture. Let’s begin.

(Photos from @princepelayo on Instagram)


Physiological needs are fundamental needs you just can’t—and I mean CAN’T—live without. No, that does not include wifi or your iPhone 6 that you use for gramming. Yes, it certainly includes that bowl of cereal, that half-eaten toast, and that plate of black ravioli you still haven’t touched because you’re still snapping pics. Diet or no diet, food makes us happy. Now go eat it before it gets cold.


(Photos from @nike and @iza_goulart)


After filling our tummies and making sure we can breathe properly, the next thing on our lists is making sure we safeguard our lives. This covers everything from staying in tip-top shape (which you brag about by posting your gym selfies) and making sure we have a roof over our heads (which you also couldn’t help by decorating with that nice chandelier).  

(Photos from @bjpascual, @princepelayo, and @bryanboycom on Instagram)


Social needs are a bit less basic compared to those concerning our body’s well-being. But how can you possibly be okay living the rest of your life away from the world and outside the social loop? Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, we must fulfil this need for companionship. Now round up the troop and smile for a big groufie!


(Photos from @kimkardashian, @kyliejenner, and @badgalriri on Instagram)


Being part of a clique isn’t enough, you need assurance that they actually like hanging out with you and that you actually belong. This does A LOT for our self-esteem. Isn’t that why we post our outfits and made-up faces online anyway? So we can fish for compliments to make ourselves feel better?

(Photos from @princepelayo on Instagram)


Does “I found myself in (insert exotic country here)” or “So inspired by the sights and scenes here at (insert artsy-fartsy city here)” sound familiar? Posts like these usually reflect that kind of lifestyle we aspire to have: be ballin’ and to give zero fvcks on what the haters have to say. La dolce vita is what we aim for and our concepts of it may vary. As long as you’re self-aware, concerned with personal growth and less concerned with the opinions of others, then everything is all good.



So how about that? Which needs have you met?

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