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Kim Jones Is Tired Of #ootds

Insert evil laugh - Miss Jones is going dark!
Kim Jones Is Tired Of #ootds Insert evil laugh - Miss Jones is going dark!

Images via Miss Jones

If you’re an avid stalker of Kim Jones-Rosales’ blog (like us, obviously), then we’re pretty sure you’ve already noticed the change of direction that Miss Jones has been moving towards lately. In her most recent post, featuring a collab with stylist Bea Constantino and photographer Shaira Luna, Kim surprised her readers with a somewhat darker twist to her usual bright and colorful aesthetics. That, plus a lot of goats.


Kim Jones wearing a Joel Escober frock

So why the sudden change, you ask? If you remember at the beginning of this year, Kim mentioned about wanting to shift her blog’s focus to local travel to showcase more of what our beautiful country has to offer. So in order to capture that, this stylish blogger is set to go beyond her usual #OOTD posts with a darker overall theme “to inspire you to look at the Philippines differently.”

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Kim on wanting to be more experimental by switching to a darker mood

Quite honestly, we already love Miss Jones as it is—vibrant and always colorful—but we also can’t help but look forward to this new creative series and see how she’s planning to switch things up with a darker palette. That said, we decided to play around with her old photos and visualize the new Miss Jones. We told you we’re excited, didn’t we?


Would you prefer twilight or daybreak?

A little gloomy or bright and sunny?


How about this: A dark fairy or a floral princess?

Now that we've had our guesses, what do you think about Kim Jones going dark? Share with us your thoughts on the comment box below or tweet us @stylebibleph!

Photos from Miss Jones blog and @kimcamjones on Instagram

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