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Liz Uy steps in front of the lens!
In The Spotlight Liz Uy steps in front of the lens!

The January/February issue of Preview always features a brand new design for the glossy and a cover girl that'll set an exciting start for the new year! The first face of 2011 will come as a surprise to many of you. The magazine's Fashion Editor-at-Large, steps out of the shadows in front of the lens. Liz Uy finally takes the spotlight.

While she is a regular member of the magazine's staff, she's also a sought-after celebrity stylist and an incidental celebrity herself (the number of Twitter followers she has is just one indication).

Liz Uy started as an editorial assistant for the glossy and worked her way up to becoming fashion editor. Now, she's gone a step higher, gracing the cover of the country's best-selling fashion magazine. When she was asked of what she felt, she immediately said "It's surreal!" More accustomed to working behind the scenes, she has styled numerous covers and both print and TV ads, being the subject this time is a new work experience that's happening more frequently these days.


Style Bible got curious and asked the cover girl if she had anything to do with the choice of clothes for the cover and she answered with a no, backing it up by saying that she has high respect for the people who work behind the scenes and she trusts the Preview team to do a great job!

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We won't spill anymore and suggest that you grab a copy of Preview quickly!

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