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10 Iconic Romantic Movie Scenes We'd Love to Recreate on Valentine's Day

Because we all deserve a cheesy love story.
10 Iconic Romantic Movie Scenes We'd Love to Recreate on Valentine's Day
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Because we all deserve a cheesy love story.

Need some ideas for the perfect Valentine's date? Take your cue from these swoon-worthy movie moments that are sure to sweep your SO off their feet. The best part? They're all definitely worthy of an Instagram post with a sweet, envy-inducing caption to boot! 

1. Love Actually

Yes, I would love for my totally single crush to show up at my doorstep as well, in the middle of the night to tell me how perfect I am via giant flash cards, while confessing that their wasted heart will love me until I desiccate into a bony corpse. Bonus points if an acoustic version of Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me is playing in the background. There's just something enticing about declarations of love and flashcards, don't you think? Plus, you can take a cute picture of your SO holding up their signs after for the 'gram. How adorable!

2. The Princess Diaries

Because if we've learned anything from Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews' hit teen flick, it's that you know you're finally being seriously kissed when your foot pops. So bust out your cutest pair of heels and claim the foot pop you deserve on the 14th! Don't worry if your movement doesn't trigger an entire fountain garden to light up. That one's completely optional.


3. Say Anything

Who wouldn't want to recreate the iconic boombox moment with their significant other? Got into a fight? Make up for it by showing up in front of their house and blasting their favorite song. Just make sure to get permission from their parents first so you don't disturb the entire household. 

4. Titanic

There's nothing better than the wind on your face, with your SO supporting you from behind teaching you how to "fly." If you're too scared to do this on a cruise ship that might potentially hit an iceberg and sink, an alternative location could be on an edge of a mountain in Sagada, like that one scene in That Thing Called Tadhana, minus the heartbreak and cathartic yelling, of course. Don't forget to drag a photog with you for that IG-worthy moment, and treat said photog to food, for gamely third-wheeling on your date.

5. A Walk to Remember

Get you a guy (or girl) who will do absolutely anything to complete a bucket list with you. Including, but not limited to, building a telescope so you can watch a rare shooting star pass by, naming a star after you, and becoming your honest to god personal miracle in this entirely too cynical world.

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6. Love, Simon

That moment when you find out your crush actually likes you back and kisses you on top of a ferris wheel. I mean, the chances of that happening is probably slim to none, but hey, a girl can dream, right? As for the happy couples out there? You're welcome for the date idea.

7. Enchanted

Okay, so not everyone may be fond of public displays of affection, let alone an entire flashmob production complete with boat rides and flower arches. But then again, this one's for our uber extra friends who delight in the whole musical shebang of it all. Let's just pray to god your significant other can decently hold a tune and follow choreography. If they can't? Well, who cares? You (and a hundred other people,) will fall in love either way for their grand effort.

8. Imagine Me and You

I, too, would want my SO to jump atop a car and yell through the ungodly EDSA traffic in a last-chance effort to keep me in their life. Let's just make sure the MMDA isn't around to ruin the moment.


9. High School Musical 3

I honestly have been waiting since 2008 for a person that I deeply like to take me to a rooftop and teach my two left feet how to dance until it magically rains on time for the perfect romantic moment. I mean, is that too much to ask?

10. 16 Candles

For couples who'd rather opt for a quiet night in, warm lighting, a few candles, your other half perched on top of your dining table, and a delicious cake should be the perfect surprise.

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