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I Made a List of All My Clothes and Here's What I Learned from It

I Made a List of All My Clothes and Here's What I Learned from It
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Fun fact: I discovered that I own 30 black turtlenecks.

Confession: I have this funny habit of listing down all my clothes. On second thought, maybe it's not as funny as it is functional. Much in the same way Leandra Medine of Man Repeller takes mirror selfies to dissect her closet, maintaining a wardrobe journal helps you sort your sartorial self out (and guilt trips you into not buying a 100th white tee/pair of jeans/LBD). To convince you, here's what I learned about myself:

1. I own about 30 black turtlenecks.


Seriously. The point here is that by listing down every single item of clothing I have the second I purchase it, I've figured out what the sturdy foundation of my wardrobe is made ofin my case, it's straight trousers (13 pairs), ruffled white shirts (7), leather brogues (countless), and the aforementioned 30 black turtlenecks (ribbed, loose, sheer, thermal, flare-sleeved, sequined, name it). No, it's not warm in here.

2. I like to plan. A lot.

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This is an extremely important realization, as it's the entire reason I even began to jot my entire closet down in the first place. I tend to buy the same thing repeatedly (see #1) and absolutely detest not knowing what to wear in the mornings, so keeping a clothing journal helps me piece looks together at a lightning-quick glance. Btw, I am also 100% the type to list all my travel outfits in a pre-planned, printed-out Excel file, so there you have it.

3. I should try and wear more color.


My wardrobe is mostly just black and white. Like, I don't even wear brown. Well, there are some muted, dark shades: maroons, forest greens, and navy blues, punctuated by the occasional splash of that distinctive periwinkle banker-striped shirts are. Though my shoe collection is a veritable rainbow of hues (that's how I make up for things, I guess), I'm only just slowly easing myself into the world of color—I recently bought a bright, geometric-print bowler shirt off online retailer Romwe, and I'm going to use it to channel some real-deal Kokobop vibes.

4. I don't wear denim.

ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW least not until very, very recently! Denim always felt too casual for my constantly buttoned-up taste. I've been far more open to exploring jean-etics these days, though, if my new light-wash mom jeans from Factorie and the wide-leg pair I got on sale from Ader Error are any evidence. Still, I'm really particular—anything ripped or shredded or slashed at the knees and I'm out. Your girl's a priss like that.

5. I LOVE sparkle.


For all the austere black in my closet, I sure do own a lot of shimmer. I'm highkey weak for anything peppered with rhinestones or dusted with an obscene amount of sequins (please allow my above caption speak for itself). Maybe that's why my accessories drawer is so sparse...

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