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I Imagine

Fashion and festivities mark the end of this Samsung campaign.
I Imagine Fashion and festivities mark the end of this Samsung campaign.
Samsung's I Imagine campaign comes to a close with a grand production that includes a larger-than-life photo exhibit, a spunky fashion show, and an exciting announcement of I Imagine champs.

Talk, Play, Love

Winners of the Shout-out Making Contest, in which the youth were encouraged to create their own I Imagine slogans revolving around the categories Talk, Play, and Love, were finally revealed. In the Talk category, Isabella Martinez wins with her shout-out, “I imagine and I will make it happen.” Guillermo II Francisco prevails with his “I Imagine our generation united in one beat” for Play. Phili Jacinth Dayupay triumphs in the Love category with his “I Imagine total peace in 3, 2, 1” shout-out.

These winning witty one-liners will be printed on Folded and Hung hoodies, which will be available in Folded and Hung stores by the first week of January 2010. The proceeds from these statement jackets will be donated to Samsung Hope, an organization which aims to send children to school.

F&H Fashion

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the evening was a fashion show featuring Folded and Hung's most current collections -the 2009 Holiday Collection, the FH Filipino Heroes Shout Out Collection , and the 2010 Summer Collection.

The holiday set is inspired by vintage glamour and pop culture, all set to an of-the-moment tune. The FH Filipino Heroes Shout Out collection, on the other hand, centers on graphics. The line features a series of nationalistic slogans and icons and celebrates the tremendous spirit of heroism that has emerged this year. For summer, Folded & Hung's forecast is spot-on: tribal-inspired details in loose, comfortable silhouettes, serve as the building blocks of this collection.

Click here to view the Folded & Hung fashion show.

-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant
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