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I'm Almost in My 40s and Here's Why I Love Monochromatic Outfits

I'm Almost in My 40s and Here's Why I Love Monochromatic Outfits
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Pick up tips on monochrome dressing and more from Kelly Misa-Fernandez!

Kelly Misa-Fernandez wears many hats in life. She's a model, host, blogger, wife, and mother—a living proof you can do it all! In an exclusive interview with Preview, Kelly shares that her trick to juggling all her roles is to simplify at least one aspect of her daily routine: Dressing up. But that doesn't mean she's settling for mundane 'fits. In fact, if you ask Kelly, she's got a strong sense of her personal style which is, "French-inspired, effortless and easy, but still classic and chic,” she says. It’s fitting then, that she tends to wear monochromatic outfits, as seen from her casual loungewear look to one of her iconic all-time favorite looks: A white cut out gown by Francis Libiran.

Dressing in tonal outfits is a simple and effective way to look put together and stylish. Hence, it's become the no-brainer technique that the 39-year-old heavily relies on when dressing up daily. As we all know, a monochromatic look is an outfit based around one color. However, while the technique is anchored to one hue, it isn’t bound to shade, texture, and accessorizing. This is precisely where the fun begins!


Kelly's style hasn’t actually changed much since her 20s, apart from a brief risqué phase—but we can easily discount that to one's youthful experimentation. Now entering her 40s, Kelly's outfits consistently remain neat, clean, and chic. Having started out as a model, Kelly says she's "basically trained to wear (and endure) any piece of clothing." However, she's starting to unlearn this grounding. It's a lesson that she's been picking up from the most unusual influencer: Her own son! "He always picks out soft and breathable clothing," Kelly shares.

Now, she incorporates the comfortable and admittedly a pragmatic practice along with her own techniques: Start with one piece and build the rest of the outfit around it. Along with her stylish sensibility, Kelly's closet is now filled with basic pieces she can mix and match, as well as investment pieces she knows she can use "for decades to come."

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Kelly also shares that when piecing together an outfit, she first considers the four Ws: Who will she meet with? What's the occasion? When and where will the event be? This lets her cleverly choose a stylish outfit that will best suit the event that calls for it.

Since monochrome outfits are Kelly's go-to look, she had tons of tips to share, too. Kelly emphasizes that tonal hues can elevate any look, cut, and fit. But they don't need to be boring. "Each person can add their own spin to it," Kelly says. The trick in personalizing such a simple yet useful technique? Kelly divulges, "Make the outfit your own by wearing things you love, and that you know suits your body and style. More than implementing hard or fast rules to fashion, honestly looking into yourself and wearing clothes that make you happy is most important to me." Hear, hear!

Ready to embrace monochrome dressing like Kelly? Here are some of her best monochrome outfits that show you exactly how it’s done.

1. Neutrals can look more polished when they come in structured silhouettes.

2. As Kelly's son points out, dress in comfy fabric!


3. Experimenting with different textures is half the fun of creating a good monochrome look.

4. Look put together and stylish even in when doing the most mundane activities like downtime in the couch and hard work in the gym.

5. You're always guaranteed to look put together if you're wearing one solid color so be fearless in playing with various cuts, volume, and shape.

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