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Hoy Hoy Ondoy!

Music and Fashion forces unite for this cause.
Hoy Hoy Ondoy! Music and Fashion forces unite for this cause.

Seeing the trio of gorgeous models (Ornussa Cadness, Sanya Smith and Mia Ayesa) that collected donations and chit-chatted with concert-goers at the door of the NBC Tent was enough of a recompense for some who dropped by the Hoy Hoy Ondoy! event. For others, it was the opportunity to hob-knob with the likes of Heart Evangelista, Iza Calzado and Joey Mead that got them excited. For most, it was the never-ending music that lured them in. For all, however, the urge to help out and do something served as primary motivation.

As 30 of the country's top bands and musical acts performed—sometimes in sync to a slide show of tear-jerking Ondoy photos—the crowd was all ears and all heart. Friends sat down in clusters, intently listening and taking everything in, or walked around to check out the Team Manila booth and grab a drink at the bar. In between sets, celebrities took to the stage to remind everyone to live green and to continue helping those affected by Ondoy. No one would have guessed that such a full-sized production was planned in only three days, or that the organizers spent close to nothing to get this show on the road.

Organizing Ondoy

“Technically, this is very wrong since we organized it in just three days! We invited people through radio promos that aired Monday night, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and through Facebook and Twitter only. Of all the events I've done in more than a decade of event-throwing, this is the only one where we didn't spend anything!” enthuses Tim Yap, who helped spearhead the event together with director Robby Carmona, Ministry of Fun's Jay Ortega, and Hale's Champ Lui Pio. “There really was no cost—the music stage was free, Robby and his whole Saga team waived their fees, Kaye Tinga sponsored the venue. All that was left to be done was to feed the crew, but even that was abetted by Greenwich, who sent food for 150 people".

Asked how Hoy Hoy Ondoy! was conceived, Tim says:

“I was in Singapore with Apl. d. Ap. and Secretary Ace Durano for work at the time Ondoy hit but I really wanted to help. I remember tearing up at the Black Eyed Peas concert when I heard the lyrics to Where is The Love? I didn't finish the concert and went straight to my hotel and started making announcements and checking updates on Facebook and Twitter. I called up Jay, Champ, and Robby and told them to meet and see what we could do. Right now we're on our second week, people are tired; it's called compassion fatigue. We need to combat this! We need to inspire people to continue giving, continue living.”

Just about everyone rushed to help make this event a possibility. Designers Rajo Laurel, Rhett Eala, Dennis Lustico, Charina Sarte, Martin Bautista, and Patrice Ramos-Diaz donated their beautiful creations that were auctioned off to the highest bidders. Thai Airways handed over two business class tickets to be auctioned off as well, and pledged to donate 10 tons of rice, on top of that. All the bands that played did so pro-bono and chose to fork over some cash too. The Aboitiz group visited the venue earlier in the day and gave 3,000 bags of relief goods filled with food and water. Regent sent a truckload of their food. The list of donors go on and on; so many were crucial in the effort's success. Through everyone's generosity, the event helped raise more than P500,000 for the victims of the typhoon.

Indeed, when fashion and music forces unite, when the whole Philippines unites, so much can be done.

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—Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant

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