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How We Rose from E-list to A-list on the Kardashian App

The goal is popularity.
How We Rose from E-list to A-list on the Kardashian App The goal is popularity.

(Kim Kardashian for the March 2, 2015 issue of Adweek)

[Scenario: Lunch break at Style Bible HQ]

B: Guys, don’t judge me. I’m dating my bodyguard.

M: WHAT?! You can do that?

Z: I don’t know why but I’m totally judging you right now.

Now if only the scenario referred to were half as real as Kim K’s booty, then eavesdropping on our little chitchat would have been even more entertaining. As it was, my colleagues and I (lemme put my specs on when I say that) were talking about that one app that consumed us and our iPhone’s battery: the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app.

We were so invested that all we'd talk about from morning till evening is how to keep our "A-list status" (the highest stage) and deal with breakups and hook-ups (the "challenges" you need to go through to get there). We were like socialites on steroids—well, in the digital world, at least.


The game had one objective: to become the ultimate Hollywood celebrity (but still a spot lower than Kim.) It all starts when your little character meets her in a boutique in Downtown LA. From there, your addiction and journey towards fame and fortune begins.

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From places we’ve never even been (yet) to South Hampton mansions we’ll probably never own, the game allowed us to somewhat live out the ultimate fantasy (?) of being part of a world we’d normally just be writing about.


● Shop for clothes and properties

The first thing you’ll ever do on the game, and also the most important. With every dollar you spend, you get a heart or a star  - the more you have, the more juice you have to do the next bullet points. What's more, some of the clothes you get to purchase are actually based on clothes Kim and her sisters wear in real life! (We'd always get a kick out of cross-referencing on Instagram.)

● Meet people and make connections

You need to rub elbows and engage in small talk with the people you meet in the app. Like how Kim rose to the top in real life.


● Go on dates and "get jobs"

Your primary source of income and your means of gaining popularity - the ultimate objective on the app. With every job and date completed, your followers and rank rise, bringing you closer and closer to the top of the A-list.

Think of it as Sims for social climbing. It's quite addicting.


Warning, though: Life in the “fast lane” can get a little too demanding.

Talking to the same nagging publicist, constantly competing with your “arch rival” for the approval of the public, all that for the satisfaction of being the second most famous person in Hollywood—and it’s not even real life.

We're crossing our fingers that Kendall and Kylie or Caitlyn Jenner come up with their own spin-offs. Nonetheless, a solid effort from Kim, Bea's role model for dating her bodyguard.

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