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How to Wear Sheer Clothes In Real Life

It's totally doable!
How to Wear Sheer Clothes In Real Life
IMAGE Style Du Monde
It's totally doable!

The problem with sheer pieces is that they can be really, really hard to pull off outside of that Instagram square. Still, you can't help but be drawn to them. But how do you avoid buying clothes you're never going to actually put on? Simple: wear them!

Below, a quick guide to stepping out in sheer outfits (and lasting the whole day in them):


IMAGE Wikimedia Commons, Pinterest

Start out versatile! A see-through top makes for a great (and not to mention breezier) alternative to a turtleneck under a slip dress. Also, now that summer's inching closer, use your piece as a crop top cover-up of sorts.


IMAGE Pinterest, Style Du Monde

If you're feeling daring, simply toss your sheer skirt over a collared minidress and let people wonder what you've got on underneath. Safer—but still chic!—option: throw a pullover on top and call it a day.

HARD: Dress

IMAGE Style Du Monde, Flickr

A full-on sheer dress is perfect for styling experiments. It's all about layering, ladies! Wear yours over a shorter dress for a play on lengths, or layer another skirt on top for texture. The only rule is to keep 'em guessing.


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