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How to Wear Leather in Humid Weather

It can be done!
How to Wear Leather in Humid Weather
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It can be done!

Leather jackets, skirts, pants, shorts and dresses are all very fashion-forward pieces to wear and to own. Whether you’re wearing faux or patent, the material’s distinct finish gives your look that much-needed edge. The only problem is how to pull off a leather look in the tropics. Fortunately, there’s no need to book a flight to somewhere cold. Thanks to the blissfully refreshing slight drop in temperatures we're experiencing, you can sport your leather pieces with a lot more ease.

Here are cool ways to wear leather in our high temps: 

1. Choose a skirt in a flowy silhouette.

Since it’s not tight around your legs, a leather skirt with an A-line or a circle pattern will definitely be breezy enough for you to wear even with our tropical climate. 


2. Throw a leather jacket over your shoulders.  

The thing about jackets is that they’re a noncommittal piece, so you don’t always have to wear them outright—tie them around your waist or even sling one over your shoulders.

3. Layer a leather bra over a tank top. 

Wearing a leather bra on its own can be very intimidating, not to mention a little risqué. Make it more wearable without the extra warmth by layering it over something breathable and sleeveless.

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4. Choose a dress with an open-neckline.

A leather dress in the middle of summer? Why not! As long as there’s enough room for your skin to breathe (and get a few breaks indoors to stave off the heat), you should be alright. Strapless, open-back and sleeveless leather dresses are all good options to choose from. 


5. Try on a bright hue.

What makes a jacket more Spring/Summer than Fall/Winter is its color. Regardless of the temperature, sporting a jacket in a fun shade won’t make you look too bundled up. 

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