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Here's Your Quick and Easy Guide on How to Properly Wear a Tie

From neckties to bow ties.
Here's Your Quick and Easy Guide on How to Properly Wear a Tie
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From neckties to bow ties.

We'll admit it—neckties can be a bit tricky. Tying one is already a challenge, but wearing one is a whole 'nother story. But, it just takes a bit of experience to perfect pulling the tie off. If you want to skip the whole making mistakes part, read up on this list of tips to kill your tie game. Here's a guide on how to properly wear ties.

1. Length and width matter.


It's common knowledge, or at least it should be, that your necktie should end right on your belt line. Anything less or more than that just looks sloppy. But, width is something that's less spoken about. In the early 2000s, super-skinny ties were the trend. Now, a narrow tie will do the job.

That said, ties are not one-size-fits-all. It can also depend on your body type. A man with a slim body type or an average frame looks best with a narrower tie. Men with larger frames and broad shoulders should consider a wider tie.

2. Don't be afraid of colors and prints.

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A white or blue shirt with a black or navy tie is a sound choice. It's not a very exciting combination, however. Put some pink into the mix or even some crazy prints. Just remember, when it comes to pairing a shirt and a tie with a similar pattern, the tie's pattern should be larger (e.g. a small-check shirt with a large-check tie, or a small-stripe shirt with a large-stripe tie.) Still confused? Here's a cheat sheet!

3. Be cautious of tie accessories.


Don't get too excited and pile on the bars, tacks, and clips. After all, most of these have the same purpose: To keep your tie in place. If you have to use one tie accessory, make it a tie bar. Position it between the third and fourth button of your shirt and then fasten your tie to your shirt. Now that we've got the placement down, you should make sure the length of your tie bar isn't over three-fourths of your tie's width.

4. Avoid the novelty tie.


While we did say crazy prints are encouraged, novelty ties are not. There's absolutely no occasion that requires the need for a novelty tie, except maybe a costume or, you know, an ugly tie party. But, what exactly makes a tie, a novelty tie? Cartoon characters are a start. For tasteful crazy prints, Paul Smith's ties are the way to go.

5. Master the bow tie.


A bow tie isn't everyone's taste, but it really should be. As a statement piece, it adds something a little more stylish. Just know the right occasions to wear one and how to pull it off with confidence. To help you out, here's a guide on how to wear bow ties without looking campy.

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