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How to Upgrade Your Outfits With a Neck Scarf

Get those knots going!
How to Upgrade Your Outfits With a Neck Scarf
Get those knots going!

A scarf is the choker's classy aunt. It's one of those simple accessories that give your outfits a pop of sophistication without much effort, although we won't deny that it can be a little intimidating at first. Think about this, though: If you were convinced to try the choker trend out, what's stopping you from giving scarves a go when they're so similar? Besides, the weather is starting to become a little cooler and your neck can use a bit of cover-up, too!

Upgrade your outfits with a neck scarf with these cool tricks:

EASY: Choker Scarf

IMAGE MCVPHOTO via Refinery29, INSTAGRAM/harperandharley

Scarf tying will take some getting used to before you decide to move on to complicated styles, so why not start off with something you already know? Tuck your way into this choker-like scarf by simply wrapping the scarf around your neck and hiding the ends. You can even layer a necklace over it when you're done!

MODERATE: French Girl Twist

IMAGE Aitor Rosas of Indigital via Vogue, Imaxtree via whowhatwear

When you go to Paris, this is the scarf tying technique that you'll see on every French girl. It's not too overbearing and is a unique combination of classy and cute. Learn how you can tie this knot from Heart Evangelista-Escudero here!

HARD: Magnetic Scarf Collar


Wearing a scarf doesn't mean that it should be obvious that you have one on. Try this DIY trick and magnetize the ends of your scarf to make a cool detachable collar that you can tuck into your shirts and sweaters as an unexpected touch.


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