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How to Talk to a Designer About the Wedding Gown of Your Dreams

Here's what you need to do!
How to Talk to a Designer About the Wedding Gown of Your Dreams
Here's what you need to do!

Brides-to-be have a multitude of things to do in planning their special day, but obviously, one of the most important details to ace is the wedding gown (after all, the bulk of your photos will capture that pristine white dress). Brides are always on the lookout for for options. And while there's nothing wrong with wearing off-the-rack wedding frocks, it can always make you feel extra special to wear a dress that is made especially for you.

Now, it is usually when you decide to have a custom-made gown when apprehension strikes. Going to a designer can get you all flustered, and it can be a bit of a challenge to articulate what you want in a dress. We know exactly how you feel! Here's a guide that will help you when you set an appointment with bridal gown designers.


1. Create a timeline.

You just got engaged! What now? It's time to start planning. After you've booked your wedding locations, it's time to think about what you will wear. Around 10 to 12 months before the wedding, you should start perusing Pinterest for your gown pegs and going dress shopping. Decide on a purchase about eight to 10 months before and schedule in appointments with designers that you will possibly tap to create your gown.

2. Set a budget.

There's no harm in asking designers for their price range or setting one yourself. In doing so, you will be able to filter the designers who can deliver your vision and at the same time not burn through your wedding savings. No matter what happens, stick to the budget.


3. Learn about your shape.

Trying on all styles of wedding dresses will not only take a long time, but will also oversaturate your pool of options, making it harder for you to decide on a dress. The best way to deal with this is to stick to what works best on your body and start from there. If you're unsure, you can ask your designer to help you accentuate your best assets.

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4. Wear the right undergarments.

Once you come in for your appointment, you may be asked to try on sample dresses to give your designer a better perspective on how to design a gown for you. So it's best to come in in nude undergarments and in a strapless or backless bra. This will also help you visualize and imagine yourself wearing the gown as you walk down the aisle. Bring a pair of nude heels as well to gauge just how long your gown should be, and if you can walk in them without tripping.


5. Take photos and videos during your fittings.

Documenting your trips will help you as you review your final choices. It's better to have a tangible reference than to simply rely on your memory!


6. Bring your friends to the second fitting.

Contary to popular belief, you don't have to bring your wedding party to your first fitting or appointment. In doing so, you risk being influenced by other people's choices. It's better that you filter first, select your favorites, and then bring in your friends to help you make the final decision if you're still a little wary with your top options.


7. Do your homework.

After your appointment with the designer, take time to evaluate the meeting's outcome. Note your non-negotiables and consider your designer's suggestions. More importantly, review the estimated cost of the gown. This is also the time when you stop looking outside your top choices, scrolling endlessly through various designers' feeds, and pinning more design inspo to your boards. Only then will you be able to finalize the wedding dress of your dreams.

8. Schedule fittings.

Once you've settled on a designer, on the dress style, shape, and design, it's time to hammer out the finer details. Schedule future fittings in advance as, for sure, you'll be very busy planning your wedding. 

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