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How To Be A Foot Model

Agoo Bengzon teaches us how to take the perfect shoefie.
How To Be A Foot Model Agoo Bengzon teaches us how to take the perfect shoefie.

It’s hard to talk about Preview and not mention our resident beauty guru, Agoo Bengzon. And if you are one of her thousands of followers on Instagram, you would have already noticed that aside from her ageless glow, expert makeup advice, and sophisticated OOTDs, Agoo has model hands and feet! Her well-manicured tips, vein-less, and flawless footsies are of course, presented to the IG world with her ridic taste in shoes. If you want to be the shoefie queen in your hood, score a few tips from the well-heeled woman by checking out her tried and tested moves below. 

Before anything else, we have to emphasize the importance of having clean and manicured feet.


We don't all have feet as pretty as Agoo's, but cleanliness can get you through. Ladies, you want people to notice your shoes, not your nail dirt. 

Treat the snapshot as if you were taking a flatlay

Be mindful of the angles as well as the beauty of the empty spaces. Do not feel the need to put extra "props" because the focus should be on your shoe. 

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Except of course, if you're asking your followers to help you pick a color that best suits you. 

Pretty shoes times three will your give you triple the IG hearts as well. (We love these Geri flats from Prima Luxe Manila.)

Textured floors can be a good setting.


Tiles, grass, sand, and cement can all potentially be the perfect backdrop for your SOTD. 

Sometimes, you got to put your feet up.

Agoo's own take on Lucky editor Eva Chen's trademark pose: a poolside shot with a pretty pool side sandal

Natural light is still your best friend. 


The same with taking selfies, natural light will do wonders for your shoefie. Strappy and cutout shoes look even more special when hit by the light as it creates artsy shadows. 

Be witty with  your captions.

"In mint condition"

Puns are always welcome. 

Don't be afraid to use filters. 


Some of us may go to the extent of purchasing new filters to prettify their grids, but if you don't feel like spending, you can always turn to manually adjusting the brightness, sharpness, and exposure of your shots through VSCO or even just on Instagram. 

Be creative with your poses. 


Presenting: the prayer pose. Wedges are perfect for taking mirror image shots.

Designer shoes are always double-tap worthy. (Plus points if your husband bought them for you.)

Agoo has such great shoe game that even her husband knows how to spot a pair and surprise her with one, like this pair above.


Who knows, with your expertly curated shoefies, you might even wake up to a box from that new online shop asking you to take an SOTD with their new arrivals! To have your shoe size on record with other people - now that's ballin'.

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